32g download with utorrent or other torrent software

So recently after the last long downtime that the sever has experienced, my RPH launcher started to break down, it went from simple, easily fixed issues, to game breaking ones. After many attempts to fix those issues, that were ultimately a failure, a friend told me that in order to solve one of the main bugs I had (CAS bug) I need to download the 32g client. And so I reached the forum post that contains the link for the 32g client, to my surprise, it wasn’t a torrent link, but a link to MEGA, I shrugged and clicked on the download button. After about 20 minutes of downloading, I saw that the downloading percent meter stopped at 33%, I clicked on the mega tab only to discover that because I don’t have a premium, I need to wait FOUR hours in order for the site to continue the downloading process. FOUR hours.

I suggest instead of using sites like MEGA, that literally force you to buy premium, or wait a long, long time, the management can instead make this link a torrent link, for softwares like utorrent, filestream.me etc.

So those with out the premium accounts won’t have to wait 4 hours and more for the download to continue.

Many thanks.

Noth :3


Well while I was waiting for the four hours to pass, I downloaded the mega software. It wouldn’t allow me to continue the setup because I dont have a premium account, and I need to wait for 15 minutes. I shrugged again and in the meanwhile went to do my staff, I returned, only to discover that I need to wait for…Wait for it. *Drumrolls* 7 HOURS! Admins, I BEG YOU, don’t use mega.

Pictures that prove my claims: 




After digging through a forest of posts in RPH, I found out that the reason for the first bug that I had. (Loading bar stuck on 10% aprox) And the reason is GHI addon, if anyone who is going threw this problem, disable the addon completely.

Why even download Mega? In order to get those free 50GB, you just need to register and add their Extension :stuck_out_tongue: Login and download the client and that’s all i did. I never had to download any sort of software except from WinRar to extract the client.


@[member=‘Bloodjaw’] That’s what I did, I downloaded the client, only to be greeted with a 15 minutes waiting message, and then with 7 hours message. I have the mega extension, so I just log in with my account and then press on the link from the WoD connection guide post and download it normally

MEGA recently changed how it operates, due to a change in (((ownership))) a year ago.

There is a torrent, but it is community operated. So, seeders aren’t plentiful.