8.3.0 BfA Connection Guide

I try to replace Config.wtf
but i don’t found Config.7z
I try delete Config.wtd and start
RPHeaven launcher.
But don’t work too. I create new account.
I wait 20 minutes after start
And BLZ51901016 error to
How i can fix it?
When i start i select
Europe, Russia (becouse i’m russian)

I am having an issue that its telling me there isn’t enough space to download all of the client and its kicking me out of the game, i have over 70 gigabytes of space on my hard drive (i have another drive that isn’t the C drive that has a terabyte so I cant use that) which should be enough but im not sure, I also dont have this issue when i download the regular retail client in the same spot, i guess does anyone have a possible reason or fix for this?

I would try it on the different drive if it has more space. A fully streamed client might reach more than 70 gigs… and mine is 58.4 currently. Keep in mind, I have only redownloaded it a week ago.

im getting incompatible population on the realm list and i cant connect im on the latest version so im confused

Hello, I’m having some trouble in logguing into the game. I saw that you have to type your username but what is member=RPH ?

[email protected]

as your whole username @Jaldadien74

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Hi. I exactly did this part, already registered from website, and still, i get the error notification.

What error notification?

i entered my username which is (myusername)@rph.org. and i always get this.


server down maybe? or no?

Also getting this error. I enter it with [email protected] and that’s still the error I got. I’m not sure what you mean by the [member=RPH]?


I’m having this issue. Longtime player, and just wanted to come back after a year or so break. And can’t get in. Any advice? :C

My WoW freezes every time it comes up to the server selection point. Is it a matter of waiting for a full install or? Using the RPH Launcher and what not…

Hey, I’ve just freshly reinstalled Windows 10 and I keep getting this error when I launch RPH Lanucher.exe. It keeps popping up when it reaches 100%. Any advice?

ERROR #2019420736 (0000000000) File I/O error.

Do you have the game installed on an External HardDrive by any chance?
If so try to copy files to your C drive and open RPH Launcher.exe from there.

Nah, it’s in the C drive. It’s directly in there, like C:\RPHTiny_BFA\RPH Launcher.exe

Alright just wondering here, do you currently have the full client files?
Or did you attempt to follow the Connection guide?
Cause if it’s from the connection guide, then you won’t be able to, but there’s a torrent available to get the full game.

If you already have the full client/folder ~70Gb, then you might want to disconnect/remove all usb devices from your pc (except keyboard and mouse) and just try to open RPH Launcher.exe
If that fails, try maybe to empty Temp folder, in %appdata%.

But I think you’re currently simply missing the necessary files really.
Let me know. :slight_smile:

I’ve followed your guide above several times, downloaded win.rar, downloaded the client to my C: drive, ran RPH Launcher, and nada. Checked my Task Manager, and it wasn’t in there at all. Ran RPH Custom Launcher, nada. Same deal as before. Tried running RPH Launcher as Admin, and it popped up in my task manager, and added a Data folder to the file, then I got the CAS error you said would happen if I -didn’t- put the file in my C: drive. Not sure what else I can do now.

The connection guide is currently not operational. Don’t follow its steps at the moment.
Currently, the only way to get full client is by torrent.
Once downloaded, extract in C and run RPH Launcher.exe
That’s all.