"A Front Too Close" Story driven Warcraft project


“A Front Too Close” Is a story driven phase that’s goal is to help immerse the players into a world drowned in the conflicts leading up to the Third war. The Story starts off around the same time Thrall escapes his second interment camp In Lord of the Clans. Throughout the phase’s content the player will be playing as a member of the Garrison of Durnholde, and will play throughout the timeline all the way up to the end of the Alliance Resistance in Lordaeron, around the time the Third war comes to a complete end. The content of the phase is separated into three chapters, each chapter having 25-30 missions. There are roughly around 101-103 missions that will take the player through the timeline in perspectives we’ve never seen within Warcraft III itself!





Three different chapters that cover a various of different subjects that will keep the player invested in the development of their character. Chapters I will focus more on the Orcish Threat to the Garrison of Durnholde, while Chapters II and III will focus more on the Scourge’s upbringing and Lordaeron’s fall. The main focus of the story is to help you create an interesting and developed character to eventually be shaped by the events of each chapter. Just some examples of topics that will be hit are unrest, politics, corruption, betrayal, intrigue, crime, combat, humanitarian aid and so much more. These missions are also heavily referenced within the rest of that chapter. No mission will just be forgotten about, and or unimportant once the next one comes. Also I really wanted to play on the idea of not following any major lore characters, but creating our own story while staying lore accurate to major events that take place within the timeline of the phase! Everything almost plays off like a large chain of events that eventually lead through every chapter of the phase. I also wanted these missions to help reflect what kind of character you build. Not everything you do within the campaign will be so heroic or just. There will be some decisions that the players will make that will make you question the role of your character and their actions within that mission, and that will hopefully help you create a very unique and interesting character with conflict, dialogue and an awesome background!




The entirety of the phase is surrounded around creating a great structured character! So when we eventually reach the end of our journey, you’ll have some weight to who your character is, and also where they’ve come from and how far they’ve come. Sadly if you are the type of player who wants to create an extremely powerful Warlock, and or Demi god, this phase is not for you! Although I want players to be invested in their characters physical strengths. I want players to be in a more limited role so they can be creative with the actual development of their character. If you are too powerful as a character, there are certain conflicts that won’t apply to you, maybe because you’re too strong, or too intellectually gifted for them to be a problem. That’s why I wanted to give players more simplistic roles within the story, almost as a representation of themselves. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has incidents where they are either proud of, or not proud of. I wanted things to be more human with your character, rather than it being a competition of who’s stronger than the other player. As of this post, the available classes are Footman(Rogue/warrior) and Hunter. (Ranger, Dwarven Riflemen) In terms of how death plays within the phase, the idea of this whole project is to build a character up, not destroy one. Unless it fits the story line of that character of course! Maybe that character is destined to be a forsaken/undead in other phases and you played up until now with that character just to help develop him/her. You’ll go ahead and message me about the character death and we’ll plan out that character’s death in the next upcoming mission. This is kept between the player and I, so when your death does occur, it will be just as surprising to the other players, as it should be realistically speaking. This can also open up a whole new dialogue with those characters as well. Maybe your last words with them weren’t so kind, or possibly your death was due to the carelessness of another player, or you were a responsibility to them. Your death will not only affect you, but those around you. We are also limiting the races available, as long as we keep a majority of human players, and we do. You can also pick between Dwarf and High elf, for as long as they stay a minority. 





Im really happy to announce the NPCs. Now these NPCs aren’t just regular normal NPCs that can be DM’ed in Hillsbrad alone, there are around 50+ NPCs that are fully dialogued, and will give you different strings of dialogue for different responses you want to ask You will find them on the side of the roads, in Durnholde, in Southshore, in Tarren Mill, and many other places. These NPCs are also lore accurate. You will find some notable characters from the comics and from the MMO itself. I did a lot of research on certain quests in the Silverpine/Hillsbrad area and tried to find a link with that NPC to this timeline, and if it was possible to give them a story here in Hillsbrad. If the NPC has some sort of correlation to be in that specific area, I will take what I know about them, and basically write their story into that NPC. The main reason for these NPCs honestly being in the phase is to help players maybe not similar with the timeline to learn more about the lore, but doing it in an immersive way, and staying in character. I wrote these NPCs to stay true to their character’s attitude in terms of how they acted in the comics/MMO so they won’t sound like boring strings of text. Also of course these NPCs aren’t just eye candy, they are DM’ed throughout the story line! So if you never read them, there will be an encounter with them eventually. I will post a spoiler on the bottom of this post so if you want to see examples of these NPCs you can! Thanks to Marimae for having donor perk and spawning them in while I wrote them!




So this project took me almost a year to really flesh out and create. I really wanted to kind of drift away from the emote/rolling system, mainly because I think it takes way too long for players to type out a full response in terms of action, and it being extremely un-immersive. So I wanted to work with PVE and usage of spells to help combat that. Now my biggest worries of combat were that players were either going to spam buttons and not RP within the limits of PVE RP, or they were going to focus on gear and stats… So I blacklisted almost every spell except maybe 2-3 spells per class that is available. Addressing how gear works, since there are set uniforms (Later on in the story that changes) and its mostly vanilla/classic looking gear, the stats from this gear are neither hindering your spells nor helping them. This way I was able to create almost every NPC you have combat with, to be generally the same in terms of stats and damage, since everyone’s base stats float around 300-450k HP. When you damage an NPC you aren’t focused mainly on your button skills. I made the damage of the NPCs slower, and the limit of your damaging abilities smaller because PVE RP is about the communication within the combat. Since their damage is slower, but not terribly slow, same with yours, you are able to type in battle taunts, communication between other players, calling out certain enemies, commands, etc etc. We’ve had a numerous of events already that focused on PVE RP and they work wonderfully. Later on after the battle players will comment on other player’s in combat, or something they may have said, and it just adds more to the immersion of the batttle and the character. Plus its also quicker, battles won’t take 1-3 hours of emoting.




So for a phase to have so many missions, NPCs, and story, it would be difficult to cram it all into one map. Even so, most know that the Garrison of Durnholde doesn’t stand forever, so the Garrison will have to move on to another place in a chapter eventually. So I wanted to represent the Landscape of Lordaeron either through smartly placed maps that can simulate THAT piece of terrain. Or I’ve used completely custom areas that will be used as specific landmarks within the world of the phase. If you look at a Warcraft II Second War map, you can see that the world is much larger in scale. In this phase, places like Dandred’s Fold, Cherryvile, Round Village, Alteraci Brill, and many many more in Lordaeron are actual map pieces and your character will eventually go there when you hit that content/chapter. There are roughly around 15+ major maps of locations., while there being about 20+ locations that are maybe cave systems, mines, and forests. Im going to put a spoiler link on these maps below, if you want to see the work of them. If you don’t want to spoil yourself you don’t have to! Some of the maps are not 100% complete, but only need minor details and can be used for hosting if needed to!




So before we only hosted on Sundays 6PM server time! But we wanted to give players a chance to Rp on the weekdays. So on the Weekdays will be the Rp that is surrounded around simple story lines and mini stories of the host that day. This will be a good time for players who want to add more depth and development to their character, rather than just waiting till the weekends to host when we can have a host on the weekdays! Weekends will be our hosts that will progress the characters through the main storyline. We chose the weekends to do major progressive stories so that we can get a majority of the player base who want to attend!




If you find yourself interested in this project and would like to join us, my discord is exactly as typed: Biggy Cheese #1581. My in game character name is Semions as well so if you don’t have the discord and want to shoot me a whisper and want to learn more you absolutely can! If you have any questions about the project you can absolutely ask away! Once you find yourself situated we can invite you to the discord, and the discord will have our hosting rosters, information on characters, times, news and events for the phase itself. Thank you all for reading this far, and im glad to have gotten this far with this project!


Spoilers of the maps and NPCs ahead!



[spoiler] https://imgur.com/a/o91twYD https://imgur.com/a/R39CpfG https://imgur.com/a/tgXaNMI https://imgur.com/a/qSlEAHK https://imgur.com/a/PCyDdAZ https://imgur.com/a/bhYa38o https://imgur.com/a/Xt7UbPG https://imgur.com/a/lSqzdKf https://imgur.com/a/8cCy8ER

https://imgur.com/a/BmBoP2E https://imgur.com/a/TEPXL1s https://imgur.com/a/nrBGSOX [/spoiler]

great phase/guild would recommend

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If you’re ever interested in a player antagonist; feel free to PM me!

Is this still going on? Haven’t seen a post for a while now, but it all seems very interesting.

Hey man! Yes I had to do some stuff for work so i was gone for a week or two, my community is still quite active and we’re ready to continue the story! If you want more info just lemme know friend!

So, how’s this project coming along?