Account Activation, 51900003


  • Registered.
  • Activation mail was received, gmail.
  • Activation link goes to confirm_email, then sends back to registration page.
  • Error 51900003 on login.

What’s the right phase of moon to conjure an account? I’m assuming I should wait for something like that?

Small update:

  • Now activation link sends to terms-before-register page instead.
  • Red box with “Server is down or in process of restarting. Please try again in 5 minutes.” is at the top. Been there for at least 5-ish hours by now.

Server’s currently down. No ETA for when it’ll be back up. Head admin hasn’t been heard from in a while.

server down sorry fellar

Yup. At least it died with perfect timing, that’s gotta worth something.

Hello guys is server working ? I cant create account when I try to make account it loops me into registration again.What i have to do ? Wait ? It works after some time ?