Add TRP3 extended to the default client. [Suggestion]

Hello, dear RPH,    :shades:

    I have no idea if anyone has ever suggested that before, but I think it will be a magnificient idea to make TRP3 Extended included in the Rph client. Because having trp3 by default is good, but TRP3 Extended can add sooo many possibilities, like player quests, making custom objects easily ( not the modifying the meshes and stuff ), It will really add a whole of possibilities and enchance the role play experience to a whole new level.

    I’ve been in so many phases and spoke to a lot of phase owners who use trp3 extended, but can’t make much with it because most of the players only have trp3 by default. This addon provides in-game mechanincs/ player quests/ books… 

 So I beg you RPH staff, make that happen .  :sadwalk: