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The Rosarian Covenant


“Let us spill no blood that does not belong, and steal no treasure that is already taken. But let us protect our home from the wicked, defend our people from the evils who seek to take away our families. We are the Rosarian Covenant, and under the guidance of Mother Rosaria, we shall rise.” - The Headmaster



Ten long days, and ten long night they marched. After so many weeks at sea they finally found the Halls of Rose, a group of adventurers seeking nothing but thrill, knowledge and coin. Led by Headmaster Dranoth, they braved those ancient titanic Halls in search of the artifact called the Rose of Rosaria. After standing against the various defenses of the underground Halls and various other monsters that made home there, they reached something unexpected that little did they know would change their life forever. Til this day most members don’t know what lays on the great lower halls, but legend says it gave birth to the Rosarian Covenant; a group dedicated with safeguarding Azeroth, hunting dangerous artifacts, exploring dangers and enjoying lots of ale.

Throughout various years the continued working from the shadows, inviting only worthy individuals to partake on their quests, but times are dire and choices must be made. The Rosarian Covenant now extends their hand to you, a formal invitation to partake on their amazing adventures. Under the guidance Rosaria they shall rise, and with her strength and blessings they shall protect their own.

Following the Path of Roses, the members of the Rosarian Covenant stand against the darkest times Azeroth has faced, even enough to have sent some of their strongest members to Argus and Nyalotha. There is no challenge big enough and no payment small enough that these adventurers do not take, always ready for some adrenaline kicking run throughout ruins while chased down by giant spiders.




Guild Objectives


The Rosarian Covenant seeks to give players a multitude of roleplaying styles while maintaining diversity. We want to explore a players imagination and see what they are capable of creating with enough effort. Story-driven with a set up main Campaign and various chapters, small side quests to increase your reputation, loot system, reputation system, Warfront styled battles against evil, dungeon exploration, player-housing, inn roleplay, social roleplay and much more. We wish to tackle your ideas and place them among ours so that we may create a fantastic roleplay to all of our members.

Our loot system will be based on private created items, made by the phase owner and traded in with the individuals that partook on the quest/campaign, with a small story behind the artifact and what it does. These custom made items will be the foundation of a characters form, but aside from that players will be able to loot base-game items with no background story from them as well. Our reputation system, while tricky, will bring forth the idea feeling of satisfaction as you unlock reputation with our guild and rise through the ranks you enter deeper into the story-line and gain access to various different secrets and much more.

We want to help you progress your character and give you a space to roleplay and let out your imagination with tranquility instead of the fear of what some phases push in restricting your minds. You will be creating bonds with your brothers and sisters from the Rosarian Covenant as well as grow your own character through a immersive setting.


Guild Rules


-Code of Conduct-


  1. All members are encouraged to have a roleplay add-on such as MyRoleplay or TotalRoleplay. We ask that your roleplay add-on is filled out in a tasteful manner that does not include blatant ERP references or triggering material.

  2. Players inactive for three or more months risk being removed from the guild during inactivity sweeps. If you know you are going to be absent- such as those busy with school, work, or military- please inform us so we don’t remove you. We respect that the real world has priority, and try our best to be understanding.

  3. Players within the guild are expected to observe established Warcraft lore. A lore resource we approve of for reference is http://www.wowpedia.org/ .

  4. Please do not godmode. We try to be as realistic as possible within this universe, and believe in balance when we create our characters. Power is okay, but try to be reasonable and fair.

  5. Please do not metagame. Don’t use OOC information ICly, unless a DM or another player has given you permission to use it. If your character can not plausibly know that information, please don’t use it. When in doubt, ask permission.

Standard OOC Rules

  1. Don’t be a jerk. We will not tolerate the act of trolling, spamming, bullying, flaming, or other malicious and mischievous disruption. This includes in-game, and on the forums. Such behavior is a poor reflection on yourself and the guild.

  2. No public ERP or ERP profiles. What you do in private is your own business, but the moment it becomes public under our guild name, it becomes unacceptable. We kick offenders of this, no second chances.

  3. layers must be 17 and older to join the guild. The Rosarian Covenant is a mature guild, and often tackles darker matters. Anyone found lying about their age, and being under the age of 17, will be removed and banned from the guild.

  4. Children and child-concepts are not acceptable. We try to avoid the subject unless strictly part of a storyline, save the odd mention now and then. Warcraft doesn’t touch it, and thus we won’t, either. Breaking this rule is cause for concern.

  5. Self-control is preferable. Players will be held accountable for actions performed under the influence of drugs or alcohol, no exceptions. If you break a rule (or do something equally irresponsible) while drunk, you will receive the same treatment as if you had broken the rule while sober.

  6. Gore, sex and other dark themes is something we acknowledge. Despite as stated above, that we do not want people having erotic roleplay in public does not mean we forbid our members from mentioning the word sex or having romance. We also have situations in which guild events become gore and very visual, which alone is enough for us to mention. However, there are some lines we don’t cross, including but not limited to: sexual torture, child abuse, snuff themes, sexual mutilation, etc. If you are engaging in torture/violence roleplay with someone else, we enforce a consent rule, meaning you must have OOC permission to pursue that roleplay. Violators of this rule are removed from the guild immediately, depending on the level of the offense.

IC Rules

  1. Any members of the Rosarian Guild is expected to behave properly under the guidance of the Rosarian Mother. Causing havoc on other towns, stealing, killing without reason and others will result in punishment that is according.

  2. The ranks of the Rosarian Covenant are to be respected, ensure that you follow properly as well as respond properly to your superiors.

  3. Killing or betraying your comrades, Rosarian brothers and sisters, will result in exile or worse.

  4. Stealing or lying as well as different forms of assault against your Rosarian brothers and sisters will result in imprisonment after two warnings.

  5. Contracts are to be taken seriously, we are here to do a job and help the people no matter what.



The Ranks of the Covenant


The Unseen mother is said be the creator of the Covenant, she is whom the players members serve and the one whom they never see aside from a very few people. Legends speak of her kindness and beauty, a gentle woman with great powers that guide the Covenant into a better future. (Played by NPC)

Hand of Rosaria

The Hand of Rosaria are the highest members of the Covenant, the only ones whom have seen Mother Rosaria and speak to her closely to pass on her decisions to the rest of the covenant. They strive the enforce her views and ensure that all members are safeguarded. They are the speakers of Rosaria and keepers of the brothers and sisters of the Covenant.


The Rosarian Council stand united as the representatives of the various branches. Under the Hands of Rosaria they communicate with each other and decide upon which road the Covenant must go. They are tasked with various different decision-making and very few of them have seen the Mother.


The Headmasters are tasked with making decisions for various branches of the guild, they give out duties and make various minor decisions on a multitude of things. They are administrators, always moderating the situations as to not escalate to the Rosarian Council.


The Captain is often tasked with leadership over regiments throughout multiple tasks. They are sent to the field to do their duties and lead the team parties to glory. Often broken down in groups of five or twenty five depending on the scale of the dungeon or battlefield, the Captain must be a leader and not a boss and ensure that the battle is properly set up. They ensure that everyone receives proper rewards and things are divided well among the members of the party.

The Red Blade

The Red Blade is composed of damage dealers, they are the ones whom rain dangerous spells or fight skillfully with swords and daggers against our enemies. They often take up the majority of groups but are also composed by the most annoying aggro hunters on Azeroth.

Thorn Master

Powerful healers, tasked with ensuring the members of the raids and groups stay alive throughout the dangerous adventures we partake. These people are what keep our allies alive in their dangerous paths.

Blood Seeker

The mighty tanks of our Covenant, they are the first ones to charge into battle and the last ones to get out. Their fortitude is iron and their will is unbreakable. Enemies shiver at the sight of these mighty damage takers.

Rose Crafter

Our Merchants and Crafters, from blacksmith to alchemist these people can take on various different roles among the Rosarian Triad. They offer our members with armor fixing, healing potions, herbs, leather working and much more.


Individuals who have taken their first steps into the becoming members of the Rosarian Covenant, ready to take on their trial and sworn under the oath of the Rosarian Mother.


Classes and Races

We have no limitations to what you can play, we wish to see where your imagination takes you. But a application for the guild is required, and so we expect people to write-out their applications well and we may be a bit picky on how things are written.



We hope that this have informed you enough and created some fun ideas for you to bring to us. We don’t expect everybody to like it, nor everybody to appreciate the post but we please ask that you stay respectful in your replies. Hope you liked it!





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