Are you looking for character artwork?

My salutations roleplayers of RPH, my name is Ghor, and I used to be a roleplayer here some time ago. Besides that I am also a professional artist and I am here to put my abilities to your service.

I have been a digital artist for a couple of years now, and if you have been active on the forums somewhere around 2019 you might have seen one of my posts in which I advertised my art. I decided now it might be a good time to do that again with some new and improved artwork.

Now, I believe any roleplayer who had ever put any work into his characters and storytelling knows his ideas deserve to be illustrated, and as such I would be glad to help with that.

Here you can see some of my works:

<My most recent art piece, a knight inspired by the artwork of another artist>

dwarf rogue
<A dwarf rogue painted in a Warcraft-like style)

dwarf neo
<An older piece of mine, depicting a dwarf warrior>

<A sketch, not exactly Warcraft related in any way as it depicts a D&D character of mine, but it still keeps to the theme of fantasy>

If I have gained your interest then feel free to look over this commission sheet:
Do keep in mind that prices here are on a discount compared to my usual fee, so don’t miss this bargain. (Though prices are always negotiable. Also please do not ask for free art)

If you wish to browse some more of my work feel free to check my deviantart account:

You can contact me over my discord: Ghor#8091
I hope I get to hear from you shortly.


Looks like you’ve really worked out a skill for yourself. Love the shading and sort of oil-painting vibe I get from the way you’ve done your colors.

the first one is fucking amazing, the colors are seamless too

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You nailed the Warcraft-styled Dwarf. Keep it up.

Hit you up on Discord, Whitehawk.