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What is the Azuremyst Isle phase?



Azuremyst Isle [333894] is an RPH phase based in the phase-zone of the Azuremyst Isles that is being set in the Legion time-frame. It’s an open world, allowing for casual RP, rapid character development and character death. Players will be able to influence their faction’s decisions, conduct military operations and affect their surroundings.




The phase is set during Legion, precisely after the portal to Argus has been opened. Heroes of the Alliance and the Horde heed the prophet’s invitation to Azuremyst as the construction of the Vindicaar is complete. The Draenei led by Velen are returning home to confront the demons of the past along with the children of Azeroth while trouble still stirs on the isles.

The Guild

It’s the collective of all playable factions in the phase, meaning that there is an alliance rank, a horde rank and one for neutral factions such as the Earthen Ring, Cenarion Circle as well as the class orders and the other known neutral factions of Azeroth.

A higher-up rank will be provided for prominent players with proper progression through the phase’s activities and interactions with others, thus they’ll be granted access to more permissions and tools.

Factions Involved…


Major Factions:

Hand of Argus: (Playable)

The Hand of Argus serves as the primary military and police force. They seek to keep peace and order across the surface of the island, pursue and neutralize threats ought to bring harm upon the Draenei.


The Burning Legion: (DM controlled)

Making their base at Vector Coil in Bloodmyst Isle in preparation to assault the Exodar as well as the alliance and the horde. They proceed to corrupt the land and wildlife around them as well as other ulterior motives.

Wrathscale Naga: (DM controlled)

Their defeat at the hand of Azuremyst’s land-dwellers years ago did not break their resolve. Under the prosperous queen’s command, a new leader arrives to lead the Wrathscale, their Skrog and Murloc minions against the denizens of Azuremyst as well as the alliance and the horde in the region, seeking to bring an end to their existence.


Minor Factions:

The Alliance: (Playable)

  • Ever since the arrival of the Exodar and the establishment of Azuremyst as the home of the allied Draenei, Odesyus’ Landing continued to act as a base of operations for the Alliance on Azuremyst Isle. There the alliance established routes to the Draenei settlements, securing trade and mutual protection. It became the center for non-draenic activity in the region.

The Horde: (Playable)

  • During such times where the legion threatens to end all life, the honorable horde stands with the Alliance to fight for the fate of their world. The Horde is allowed a limited and monitored access to the isles as they join the battle on Argus under the constant watch of the Hand of Argus so they would not cause trouble during their time on the island.

Neutral Factions and Class orders: (Playable)

  • United against the shadows, the champions and heroes of Azeroth rise to represent their respective orders and factions in the war against the legion. Members of these factions joined the draenei on Azuremyst to face the perils together.


Rules are simple…

  1. No godmodding/poweremoting from a player against another, solve your differences by logic and rolls with the presence of a DM.
  2. Mutual respect and decency among members is essential, dramas will be met with a suitable response from the guild’s moderation.
  3. Keep irrelevant/offensive topics out of the chat whether in game or in the guild’s discord which is by the way here.


I’m not that good at making forum posts so I hope this doesn’t turn to a major frick up, therefore it’s subject for updates and changes.

All pieces of art used in this post are not mine. I repeat, they are not mine and credit goes to their respective creators.

Allied ‘races’ are limited to: Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarves and void elves.(Stillpine furbolgs exist lol)

Death Knights of the Ebon Blade are not allowed on the island and will be met with force and violence.

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