Ban Appeal: Enyremer

Account(s): xdamned4life, Enyremer.
Forum: Enyremer.
Discord: Already know it.
Reason: Ban evasion.

Not much else to say that has already has been.

The year or so I’ve spent away from RPH has come to help me realize the mistake in my previous behavior. Aelsinthar was a flawed and poorly executed character which I forced on people by circumventing the bans imposed on my character and account. It was only until I have recently seen someone else do the very same that I did when I realized how cringeworthy I had been. That I was ultimately wrong in the way that I conducted myself, regardless of the circumstances preceding it.

I have since worked on myself to be a better, if not more tolerable person. I hope that my recent interactions on the server have shown that I’ve cranked down the autism a few notches enough to have tempered myself to be better suited for the community to which I look forward to returning back to some day.

RPH is a very different community now than it was a few years ago, most that would have taken issue has since moved on to greener pastures. It is my hope that with the past long forgotten I may return to RPH and peacefully resume role-playing there without causing any further trouble as I have done previously.

Thank you for your time and consideration.