Basmordion Dragon Squad

In the dark future… there is only Warcraft…

Blasmordion Dragon Squad



_ Premise _

The year is 3519 on the King’s Calender and Azeroth has long entered a new age. Magic has been reduced to street jesters who transform dolls into lolipops for a quick buck to feed their addiction to the dangerous drug, Strange Dust. The world is now ruled by a council of all the races, called the Equality Council. New liberal reforms in the Burning Legion has made them cooperative intergalactic allies of the Equality Council. The Old Gods have long been rooted out of Azeroth, and now instead roam space, floating and infecting worlds.


The Root Cult, a worldwide extremist organization which has fought to dismantle the Equality Council and achieve Kaldorei Independance, has been largely left alone by the Kaldorei Government. After an incident between an Ironforge tourist group and Root Cult extremists, leading to seventy deaths, Ironforgenow prepares an army to enter elven borders and deal with the Root Cult themselves if they have to.


The Forsaken are ready to secure the Wetlands from the Khaz Modan Empire if they are preoccupied with foreign war. Goblin poaching has also led to a schism in Kalimdor between the Tauren and Goblins of Gadgetzan, and if the Kaldorei engage in a war, the Tauren may as well. The Humans, now ruled by the Nationalist Party of his Majesty, seek to reclaim all former human lands, in the name of their Immortal King Varian.


With a world on the brink of war, a massive Old God Fleet has taken the chance to reclaim Azeroth and drain all life from it. Using void storms to avoid signatures on radars, they now lie only a few months from arriving, with the denizens of Azeroth too caught up in the fear of a global war.


The Equality Council, ruptured in conflict and turmoil, has called upon their most elite squad, the Blasmordion Dragon Squad. Men and women of all races, infused with the blood of dragons, granting them extraordinary physical and mental abilities.  










OOC Rules

Do not start drama in announce or any other public medium. (OOC arguing applies here.)

Do not publicly LoLRP or ERP while in this guild. (What you do in private is your own.)

Do not disrespect anyone in the guild OOCly, this is not tolerated.

Being in this guild is a privilege, do not treat it like you are needed here.

Please be courteous if there is some OOC mishap during an event, or a kink.


IC Rules

All races are allowed.

Characters in the squad cannot be homosexual or bisexual in the guild, as the Dragon Blood Gene Treatment removes these traits. Unless you are a Chook’malorg, a former half-mutant who joined the Blasmordions during the Matrix War, in which homosexuality is possible, as they are not gene changed.


How to Join

Fill out this application and post it below:

Character Name:









Characters in the squad cannot be homosexual or bisexual in the guild



where uve been gastro hun

if this is serious then i support it!!! polarim support. gl frend with ur squad. 

Character Name: Sauronagostrasz

Nicknames: The Terminator

Race: Dragon-Human Halfbreed

Age: 5,503

Gender: Does it matter??? :^)))))

Orientation: Sexual

Alignment: Sparkcog Cartel

Backstory: So one day there was this dragon kid right and he saw this xx-hot-xx babe called EVIE PRESCOTT and decide to pull down his pants and show off his lizard dong, which expanded when she was near, as she saw it expand she had no choice but to inhale so she did

and so this kid was born

im sorry

consummate piece of might

hey this is might be your lore but im on another server using it. you may have made it but ive developed it enough so its mine

all’s fair in rp and war

this is interesting. my fancy is tickled.


amazing concept gastro :slight_smile:

Oh, if you’re serious this sounds like an incredible idea! It’s good to see so much creativity go into something on rph, good luck dude!


And why characters cannot be homosexual or bisexual in the guild? 
Honestly, that sux.

Probably because it may be a sin in that world, or something about the genes of the squad making them unable to be such? I don’t see anything wrong with it.

goes to goldshire only to be surrounded by elite dragonhunters infused with dragonblood-

delet this

does anyone here actually think this is good or

down with the gays lol!!!

i don’t even know if it’s serious is the problem.

equality council, liberal burning legion, the forsaken lasting 3500 years in the future