Battle of Venture Bay

Alright so in big Inspiration from A front too close a phase I really damn recommend I’ve started making my own style of it…

Alright so hear me out. Grizzly Hills. Venture Bay.
Fully Custom-Lore in coming, an already made phase in the working btw. Just hearing if anyone would join it.


[The Battle of Venture Bay]
An Alliance Unit called the 212th had been attacked by the Horde’s Airship while they were being transported by Gunships and Gyrocopters over to Howling Fjord, to defend against the enemy forces.
A different unit had now been sent out to buy wood, and other Recourses at Venture Bay at a reasonable price. As they arrived although, the bridges were ready and everyone was gone.
Before they could even leave the ship an army as big as an Invasion from the Kor’kron attacked them, with small forces and cannons, they were able to hold back the first attack. Some of them grabbed supplies of standards and so on, setting them up, while the other fought against waves and waves of enemies. The Alliance now only had an outpost, you and your own unit were asleep the whole battle over, but were woken up when everyone else was starting to yell “For the Alliance!”


Alright so adding to this now. Is I made the enemies for the first chapter of the whole phase Elite, and balanced out so they’re in groups and need a heal, and more than just one normal footman to be defeated.

But for the Armor I really need donators and so on, it’d be a really good addition to my phase if the armor is preset, and self made to fit to the whole situation.

Required Ad-dons: TRP3, TRP3 Extended, (Dicemaster for the drink games, or in general just IC D&D reinacting. )

I’d like to hear Opinions and ways to better it out, as said this is just an Idea, I am still working on.

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