Blairwood's civilian population

Blairwood is always looking for more people to become Civilians, this might make a lot of you sigh of boredom already so let me put forwards very quickly what that entails.

  • You’ll be given a house, and if you ask most likely you can have the history of your character revolving around the phase.
  • You will be given a job that has purpose, that means you can become a Nun, a Lumberjack, A miner, a shop runner the list goes on.
  • You are guaranteed a stable roleplay and given a reason to interact with people that doesn’t just involve going to the tavern, drinking, realizing no one is interacting with you and then leaving the phase to complain how there’s nothing to do and that you’re bored.
  • If criminal guilds appear, which it most likely will especially if a few people choose to become a civilian you get to deal with that.
  • You will be the centre of attention in most scenarios, if you’re in trouble you get to provide roleplay not only to them but yourself.

I can really go on like this for a while, I ask that at the very least you give it a shot if you’re ever feeling bored. Grab a friend, make a few peasant and go wild with your imagination.


As someone who prefers the civilian approach to my character I love this, I hope to try this out when I know I will have time to really RP!

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Always glad to hear, I’ll be sure to check up on you if you ever get the time!

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I should also note that the houses are custom built, with monty tiles. If you provide a floor plan, (given that is is proportionately sized in regards to your IC wealth, which shouldn’t reach unrealistic heights!) one of the builders or myself will do our best to bring your perfect cozy home to life.

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I will certainly won’t be making anything too extravagant, especially seeing as though my character has nothing established on this server at yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d totally be down for it. I always love rping a commoner. I find that you have so many adventurers, archmages, and “Champions of Azeroth” and not enough average joes around.

Well I’d love to see you around when you have the time! What are you planning on going for out of curiosity?

idk man, this westbrook phase really be trumping when it comes to civilian RP