Blood and Silver

Blood and Silver is looking for active, friendly players! Void of WOW lore, our story is set in medieval Drustvar in another dimension, inhabited by mythical beings of old! Do you want to join the powerful Vampyr, test your strength as a Lycanthrope or maybe battle all evils as a member of the Crows? We’ve got the setting, you’ll bring the RP! Join our discord on if we’ve peaked your interest.

The guild has a private phase with custom lore (Skyrim dawguard storyline meets Hellsing with a few twists.) We currently have 3 open factions to choose from, with different ranks in each. We have a DM and are building up the phase, expecting to be up and running by sunday next week (the 11th of Juli)! The 3 playable Factions now are: Vampyr - The Crows (human vampire hunters) - Lycanthropes. Necromancers and witches will be added as we get enough players for it to make sense. Civilian Humans will be allowed and playerhousing is available.

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Blood and Wine was better

Yeah but i doesn’t fit the theme, sadly.

Sounds pretty cool, I might give it a look. Do you guys have a discord server?

Sorry for the late reply, our guild idea died out for the time being. Sorry!

Well that sucks.