Brand new, can't wait to meet you all

Hello everyone, I just joined this community and will be my first time playing on a private server. I was only playing WoW to RP by the end and wasn’t worth paying so much for the game, next thing I knew I ended up here!

Anyways… I’m hyped to play with you guys, make some new friends and have a good time. See you all soon!

Edit: Anyone know where I can find the full list of server commands? <3

Hello there! Welcome to RPH my dude. Hope you have a wonderful time and make good friends around here!

Alright, here are a couple useful commands to help you out while you get used to the server.

To get a list for the currently hosting phases: .rp list full.
To type in the server’s universal in game chat: .ann insert your message here.
Don’t forget .gm on to avoid spell spammers.

To add items: .additem [Insert ID here] or [Shift-click the item]
You can also add a specific amount, be it with positive value or negative value to remove them.

You can look up things, for example: .lo spell (For spells) .lo item (for ordinary items) .lo custom (For custom items).

Hope it helps and good luck!

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Thanks man, the .gm command was needed! XD

there’s a server welcomer with more commands but it’s still pretty barebones.

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run while there’s still time.

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you fool what have you done, you will now have your soul taken from you by the resident start zone futa draenei erpers

welcome tho

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Yea, that happened the yesterday when I was dumb enough to click a trp link

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