Breeding Sands is kinda hot ngl

You know?

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Not going to lie, that was interesting and expected of any “Caliphate” guild. Literally, any guild with the name “Caliph” in it instantly becomes about slave erp.

But I have to ask, why?

Literally, why?

As far as I can tell, these people are in their own degenerate pool and having fun. I’m not even sure they host, I haven’t seen anything about it.

I get you “exposing” me. I’m an open degenerate. And UwU, thanks for the plug. ;D But these people weren’t bothering anyone as far as I know.

Also, exposing your character that you erped with will hinder you from exposing others later unless you plan on alting about.

Why u posted this? Haha

God forbid we discuss NSFW topics in an 18+ Discord. Damn, for some reason I expected nothing of any mature theme to be going on in a guild that LITERALLY ADVERISES ITSELF as 18+

…But you know there’s always gotta be that one guy crying about a private phase.

Also thanks for showing my youtube in the screenshots! Be sure to subscribe to Drakainequus.

-You also posted NSFW content in the forums with those IMGUR Links, most of which are I the NSFW Category of the server that is only accessible VIA a special role. Yet, you fail to mention this.

You also started ERPing in say and not in /w, which the guild info says you should be doing, so that one is on you, also. You have cropped these things so much trying to make yourself look clean but you’re really just flopping on it, mate.

Adding on, he also leaked a half-life selfie of one of the discord mods, which she sent to this PRIVATE discord, then uploaded them into that NSFW Containing imgur link, which is also against imgur TOS, So well done on that, too.

So, requesting this guy gets banned or smth. My dude literally posted hentai in a public forum.

He has now deleted the selfie of the moderator and most of the NSFW content. However he still kept a nude mod screenshot in, way to go genius.

If anyone wants proof of what he actually did post in the original imgur link, we got it.

Also if anyone wants a discord made for their thing HMU Because I made that one. Yes. More advertisement! Gotta cash in on this.

There better be a good reason that you posted a picture of one of my moderators showing off a saucy picture of herself in our 18+ channel. They tried to delete them from the imgur post but we got screenshots of it with the pictures in question before they were removed. They also failed to show screenshots of our rules chat that says Fade to Black is an option, OOC consent is required for all mature RP, among many other rules. Not cool, dude, that’s illegal in most places. Can someone get Goudy on this? Maybe even Dread? This is too far. You don’t post saucy pictures of one of my moderators on the forums and expect to get away with it.



BREAKING: Grass (((ironically))) joins another guild to (((ironically))) engage in Brleeding Sands roleplay.


imagine asking goudy to ban the guy who posted 18+ stuff coming from the public guild you made yourself


idk what is worse?
-the caliphate 3.0
-the DEPTH of which you infiltrated them (which is kinda sad in itself)
-the responses to this thread


ok whore

He posted pictures of one of my moderators in a bra. As well as hentai.


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Kinda? This is the inept pot calling the perverted kettle black.


Wow, a public network set without any protection and guarantee of privacy - a great place to share for all to see and have without a thought that something may happen.
No yeah, HE’S definitely the bad guy, ban him.

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I mean… it does violate the community guidelines. Posting NSFW stuff, sharing someone’s private information, it’s all against the guidelines. Dumb move to post your IRL pics on random discord, but even dumber to post those pics further for the ‘lolz’. Ban? I don’t know, I’m not here to judge that.

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wow private server btw

Mr Dread, whilst sitting at .start from the 6th consecutive hour in a row I noticed a player, or a group of players, engaging in Erotic Roleplay



this is hella based