Bring Back Character Deletion or Implement .Character Delete

For the love of god give us some feature to remove characters. The fact that the character deletion tool has been removed is nothing more than a hinderance.

The argument is that too many people have deleted characters with phases built on them and my counterpoint to that is;

  1. You should damn well remember if you’ve spent numerous hours building on a character.

  2. Blizzard has already implemented a safety measure to stop people from blindly deleting characters. You literally have to type in “DELETE” before you can proceed. If you’re that thick to then cry about your phase being deleted when you’ve already been given the warning, then sorry but that’s life.

  3. The majority should not suffer for the incompetence of a minority who are already given a warning and have to make the concious effort to knowingly delete their character.

It’s this type of safe-space BS that cushions too many inept donkeys from learning from their mistakes. Ironic too for a server that’s far from a safe space.


Bring back character delete or riot :fire: :fork_and_knife: :fire: