Building Objects & Advice Megathread

Wanna share your non-montytile objects that you like to build with? (Walls, floor, rocks, other tiles etc.)
Or perhaps custom furniture ranging from cigarettes to pianos?

I’m opening this topic for anyone that may be looking for inspiration so we can start seeing more and more builds popping up on the server which is always a good thing.

I’m sure new players would love to learn how to build starting with the basics, but this thread is intended for users who are already acquainted with most of the mechanics and commands.

7ne-7nb I end up using a lot due to its potency in filling in between the lines (the iconic screen and purple decor.)

I’m not entirely sure about the community these days, but when I was most active (Past few years), A lot of builders were often protective of their building styles and the selection of objects they used. Going as far as to deny questions like “What is the ID of this gob?”

So word of advice: Don’t do that. No object or building style is worth aggravating people for.

Apart from that… I’ve kept sheets of paper on my desk containing ID’s, search terms and .tele’s dating back all the way to 2008. And whilst the name of some objects make it very hard to trace, like ‘MoowellWater’
That sh!t had me searching for hours on end.

But I doubt my collection of names and ID’s will do anyone any good. So personally I’d say: Get well acquainted with the .xgps and other movement commands, with enough practice you’ll be slapping keys so fast people might think you’re a professional programmer.

And above all, this might be my biggest turnoff with most builds, is don’t forget the clutter. Wether you’re building a forest, a street or a house interior, make sure you add some cobwebs, stacks of books, spilled wine bottles, burnt out candles, stray scrolls that nobody bothered picking up, spoiled food, dirty dishes, the good ol’ fashioned skull, leaves, branches, manure, rocks,…

Plus you want to switch things up from time to time. Bookshelves are rarely fully stacked with the same books over and over again. (Given you have the capacity to spawn books in an empty bookshelf manually) You need only look around your own home to realise how unique every single ‘gobject’ and its position is.

It is also helpful to call in some feedback. If you make an announcement to the server, putting your phase open for inspection, I’m pretty sure there are lots of bored people who’d LOVE to tell you what could be improved.

Me for example, I learned that you don’t always have to build an entire city for a RP located within a city. Much like a filmset, you can fully realise one street and a corner, place closed gates at the ends and spawn some buildings OUTSIDE the boundaries to create the illusion of a larger city. This will allow you to spend more time decorating everything nicely instead of copy-pasting each of your 150 residential building interiors. (Naturally everything depends on what you’ll be needing ofc.)

Before monty tiles mogu tiles were the way to go for me

Thanks for the post. I’ve been creating builds on the higher spectrum for about 6 months now, but there comes a point when you’re not sure about where to go next.

I really want to delve deeper into the intricacies of custom builds but the fact that I have to figure out how to build a single house out of so many IDs just straight up demotivates me. It’s hard to imagine a complete city phase packed with custom-built buildings because of the sheer amount of time it would take to locate and place those objects.

It’s already a chore to decorate a single house nicely, I can’t imagine building custom houses (If you’re talking about spawning walls, floor tiles, roof thatching and everything else seperately) for an entire city.

But if you’re talking about spawning buttloads of objects for decorations, I’ve personally always enjoyed adding stories to the things I spawned. I asked myself, “Who would come here often?” and “How would they leave this place behind?”


In this archive of a military unit called The Frostfall Watch, the note hanging on the middle bookshelf is a custom book object I made and it says “Please refrain from eating or drinking within the archive, Thank you. - Maeron” Because Maeron likes things tidy. But the soldiers are pranksters, so they hung a lantern in the jaw of the suspended dragon skeleton.


Same with this armory, the middle gun rack on the wall is empty, because the rifle that was on display there, was given to one of the marksmen in the unit. As for the Pandaren rocket launcher, I added that to the collection since these men went on an expedition to Pandaria in the past.

Not trying to show off or anything, I don’t think of myself as a ‘Good’ builder. Pretty sure a lot of builders would consider my style to be weird, since I’m mixing so many different cultures in my work. Like this bedroom, which has dwarven, human, night elf, pandaren, worgen and nightborne elements. Plus some objects are vanilla, some BC, some Wotlk, etc.


I guess it’s not as much about adding the MOST detail, because at some point it becomes exhausting, not just to build but also to look at. Simply focus on building an enviroment where you’d like to RP. Time will tell how your style evolves. :+1:

Thank you for reading

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