Chair List!

10192    Wooden Chair
2489    Ornate Wooden Chair
183585    High Back Gold Chair
48403    Wooden Stool
133466    Wooden Bench
24388    Stone Bench
171587    Gold Chair
160846    Wooden Pew
92703    Duskwood Wooden Bench
158599    Dwarf Stone Bench
136929    Dwarf High Back Stone Chair
136930    Dwarf Ruined High Back Stone Chair
170439    Dwarf Stone Bench Ends
126050    [WOD] Tauren Log Bench
176748    Gnome Subway Bench
218209    [WOD] Gnome Subway Chair
182593    Blood Elf Table
182598    Blood Elf Blue High Back Ornate Chair
182608    Blood Elf Bench
184671    Blood Elf Purple Chair
192004    Blood Elf Red High Back Chair
182762    Blood Elf Black High Back Chair
183753    Dwarf High Back Wooden Chair
191886    Gnome Chair
184038    Draenei Bench
208792    Dwarf Stone Chair
196369    [WOD] Barber Shop Chair
190740    Metal Bench
191475    Dalaran Seat
191476    Dalaran Bench
191887    Dalaran Chair
193909    Dalaran Stool
192199    Dalran No Back Bench
206370    Dwarf High Back Stone Chair
205848    Dwarf Low Back Stone Chair
196458    [WOD] Goblin Beach Chair
202624    Worgen Bench
202626    Worgen Rocking Chair
202632    Worgen Long Bench
207436    Gnome Chair
205832    Dwarf Medium Back Stone Chair
207094    Orc Spikey Chair
208607    Mushroom Chair
211812    Pandaren Stool
212559    Pandaren Wooden Bench
212746    [WOD] Pandaren Ornate Wooden Bench
211809    Pandaren Wooden Stool
212767    [WOD] Pandaren REALLY Ornate Wooden Bench
213082    [WOD] Pandaren Crate
216284    [WOD] Worgen Chair
13948    [WOD] Literally A Bed
227717    [WOD] Draenei Chair
232354    [WOD] Human Wooden Bench
231931    [WOD] Iron Horde Bench
226634    [WOD] Draenei No Back Chair
227151    [WOD] Draenei Pew
227152    [WOD] REALLY LONG Draenei Pew
227640    [WOD] Human Wooden Bench
228637    [WOD] Human High Stool
232224    [WOD] Human Garrison Long Bench
228777    [WOD] Human Garrison Stool
228755    [WOD] Human Garrison Chair
232234    [WOD] Human Garrison Short Bench
231690    [WOD] Stool With Leather
231699    [WOD] Stool Without Leather
238944    [WOD] Human Stool
233422    [WOD] Orc Dark Low Stool
233423    [WOD] Orc Light Low Stool
233946    [WOD] Iron Horde High Back Chair
234639    [WOD] Human SUPER High Back Chair
235909    [WOD] Log Bench
236297    [WOD] Orc Axe Stump
236299    [WOD] Orc Dark Arrow Stool
236308    [WOD] Orc Light Arrow Stool
236317    [WOD] Orc Stump
230298    [WOD] Outhouse
237593    [WOD] Swing Seat
237922    [WOD] Orc High Stool With Leather
237923    [WOD] Orc High Stool With Other Leather
238051    [WOD] Night Elf Bench
239147    [WOD] Golden Human High Chair

I might have missed or messed up some because I was doing this late at night.

I don’t see the chair morph?


Why don’t you take a seat.

thanks [email protected]

this is actually great, was scouring for a good list of all the chair id’s

also are the [WoD] marked ones only for the WoD PTR server as most of them don’t seem to work on the live/MoP server. 


nice finally this is a thing

now we just need it for tables ;^)

This is the case, why the nevermind? Are some of them spawnable on the mop server?

oh my god i love you

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