Customfile TXT maker

i was wondering if anyone had it on hand to share?

this link contains HTML file which you open with your browser and create text for custom_files.txt, it also contains game file list for belf, nelf, human, draenei, nighborne and velf female models

and this one contains list files used for gear patches, the above is just for models

UI is ugly because I put no effort in making it pretty, It only does the job, how to use it… first click the button beneath CSV File List, and select the .CSV file which contains list of files u want to modify, for example, if you want to use blood elf female patch, you will select here bloodelffemale.csv
Second button beneath Custom Files is where you select ALL files contained inside mod folder (it contains alots of files, one of them is named bloodelffemale_hd.m2)

before you do all of this u might want to press F12 on your keyboard because console will print some numbers which indicate progress… when the number reaches the number of lines inside CSV, job is done, and all text you need for your custom_files.txt file will be printed in textbox beneath these two buttons, copy and paste that and you are done… ofc delete cache folder before opening the game

also, if you want to use patches for models that are not contained here don’t use some large CSV file with all game files, it will frezee your browser… use some free program like CSVed to filter out into new smaller CSV file only the list of files for model you want to use