Delay Script Suggestion

I’m trying to script an NPC so it will deliver some text lines and then do further actions,

My idea was to give it a gossip and then use that to initiate the sequence,

  1. On First Gossip Open -> Close Gossip
  2. On First Gossip Open -> Make NPC Talk (Linked Event)
  3. On Linked Event -> Make NPC Talk (Linked Event)
  4. On Linked Event -> Make NPC Talk

This way the NPC Delivers multiple lines in a sequence, HOWEVER.

There is no method to allow for a delay between the lines being delivered, so the end result is that the NPC spews out everything at once.

My suggestion is to add a Delay Action, similar to Periodically but specify a time, and then link the event, so it will only begin the next event when the delay finishes.

Considering how the scripting is setup now, where,
Action -> Effect -> LinkedY/N
it may be better to just code a delay into the whole website, so instead have scripting occur as
Action -> Delay(Specify) -> Effect -> LinkedY/N

With Delay being 0 by default

I know nothing about WoW’s scripting code, but under current NPC scripts I cannot see a feasible method of making an NPC deliver NPC talk lines without some kind of delay, and no, Gossips are not the solution.

It’s, hey you can technically do this now, you’d need a dummy NPC nearby which is set to a hostile faction when the option is selected, then periodically in combat at 4 seconds it casts X spell, which when it hits the target makes it say the first thing, then at 8 seconds it casts another spell which triggers the second thing. Etc

For the record, I absolutely support this suggestion and may have made it before, I don’t recall, but I doubt it will be implemented so in the mean time, there’s that.

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