Discord Ban Appeal: Ashes


I spoke with Goudy on discord to try and disclose some information about some old guildies that was pretty concerning behavior, alleged talk of swapping CP with members, y’know that kind of stuff.

After I made mention with this, the discussion escalated between me and Goudy due to my belief that there was a lack of activity towards this kind of behavior on RPH (even with sufficient evidence).

I was banned from the discord by Goudy under the belief that he thought I was someone ban evading on a different account even though I’ve been a member of the discord for a long time. It was a pretty confusing situation, and I took some time away from the server (around a year).

I’ve learned to just keep to myself and ignore the drama on the server, but would be nice to have access to the discord in case of technical issues or reaching other players.

edit; My discord is Ashes#4201


Any insight on how my application can be better is welcome. I haven’t heard anything yet so I expect that it wasn’t sufficient.

Solid work. Love being banned for no reason, no response lmao. Just banned me with a heavy hand because they were paranoid