Hello dear members,
Roleplay Heaven is now accepting donations.
Donations will be exclusively used for server purposes ONLY.

== Donation Reward Descriptions ==

[Donator] rank gives you an access to:

  •   Weapon and armor creation is free of charge
  •  .castd command (like cast but spell will have infinite duration, e.g 203819 instead of lasting 6 secs will last forever)
  •  .castc command (like cast but spell will have infinite channeling cast time, e.g spell 152108 instead of being channeled for 1 sec will channel forever)
  •  .summon command
  •  Limit of ranks per phase increased to 10
  •  Donator tag in-game
  •  Glowy forum username
  •  Additional commands in-game

-  OR - 

Access to [NPC Templates] which lets you:

  • Equip a NPC with completely custom equipment set where you can chose every single equipment slot
  • Create custom NPC outfit based off default races +  Fel Orc, Naga, Skeleton, Vrykul, Tuskarr, Forest Troll, Taunka, Northrend Skeleton and Ice Troll
  • Equip items on NPC just like you would on your own character, via web panel (drag & drop items to appropriate item slots)
  • This includes all items slots (head, shoulders, back, chest, tabard, wrists, hands, waist, legs, feet)
  • Demo can be seen here
  • Read more about NPC Templates here

-  OR - 
Access to [Script Manager] which lets you:

  • Script a NPC just like Blizz does and make NPC do what you want him to do  out of wast array of combinations
  • Example 1) Make NPC talk+cast+emote as soon as player approaches 
  • Example 2) Attaching teleport script to a NPC that has invisible display so it acts as a trigger
  • Multiple scripts stack/work in combination
  • More info about this perk here

-  OR - 
Access to [NPC Gossip/Dialogs]:

  • Gives you an ability to add gossip menu to a NPC  and paired together with Script Manager makes it possible to script individual gossip buttons so they can perform whatever action Script Manager supports.
  • Otherwise, having only this perk lets you create interactive dialog between player and a NPC
  • More info about this perk here

-  OR - 
Access to [Donator*] rank:

  • Gives you Gnomish Prismatic Specs that allow you to see all inactive phases within the current phase (this means you can easily see all phases and pick ones with good content 
  • Access to .gob find command to find out what phase gameobjects are coming from when wearing Specs
  • Access to .random command that joins random inactive phase
  • Gives you an ability to download phase backups of all inactive phases. This means that all phases inactive more than 4 months will appear under Inactive Phases List in web account panel and will be ready for download
  • Doubled lookup results, up to 150 per query
  • Ability to make text aliases for phase. This way you can join phase using words instead of numbers i.e .phase join myphase
  • More info about this perk here

-  OR - 
Access to [Book Forge]:

  • Lets you create Book Items and Book Gameobjects that show text when right clicked
  • It accepts HTML! (This means you can put headings, align/center the text, insert pictures). 
  • You can create a book that has window double the size of all books you could have seen on retail. Example is in the attached picture below, it is the first one within a series of stitched screenshots that display different book backgrounds (a.k.a paper types) 
  • Book can have different backgrounds as shown in the screenshot
  • It’s pretty simple. You will receive an access to Book Forge where you make the item itself and afterwards proceed to Inventory page where book text can be added
  •  More info about book perk here


Donation page:

Once you have the donation coins redeem them here:
Donations are automated. You will receive gold coins immediately upon successful donation.

WTB PayPal.

Not available @ dread’s country. Make Alertpay or bookmarkers, not all that hard. Play on. Darabi.

This is really going forward! Great job!

I think you should add the DaoPay, makes people able to donate from their phones. (Could be good if they doesnt got an CC) :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t players that donate can the .cast command if they donate 15 :o ? Just a thought you know… Might make people a bit more wanting to donate C:

We are now accepting PayPal also!

YES! Thank you, Lord in Heaven!

Haha nice =D

When do they check Donation emails? :0

Hey, the link broke with the new forum style. Any help? :)

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=5]Please, oh please, fix this ASAP. [/size][/font]

There you go. Refresh the page.

Thank you! i’l be officially donator within the next two hours!

@Chris. It’s $20 CDN, and E15.

HOw do i donate?

If only I had a credit card. Server, please, take my money! You deserve it!

Hmm, perhaps if it’s possible a Daopay, or any other calling systems?

Alternative would be MoneyBookers. (Though, it does not support paying from a mobile phones)