Emerald Dreamway Petition!

Bring back the Emerald Dreamway for the start zone! For too long have we languished with inferior, dreadful, dark start zones which do not foster an aura of creativity and positivity! We want our green home back!


Nobody forces you to socialize in nyalotha, just teleport elsewhere.

Start can change but people visiting dont have to

Ah yes.

ERPers on that one Nightmare tree, Edrein in front of a tree 50 meters away from everyone else, and the rest on the bridge.


ph 2642, ur welcome

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unban gavin and construct yojamba 2


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Eh, Ny’alotha as a starting zone is somewhat of an eyesore, but some people actually like the zone.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a change of scenery, because we’re all degenerates playing pretend on the internet. And Ny’alotha isn’t that much fun to explore while we stand around in start.

But not in the emerald dreamway, that was the start zone when I first joined, and let me tell you. My eyes hurt after standing around for 15 minutes.

If your eyes hurt from the dreamway then your bloodline is weak.

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Imagine being in start for longer than 15 minutes