[Event] Ny'alotha, the Waking City {Pt.4, FINAL}

Ny’alotha, the Waking City - {Pt.4 FINAL}


“Ny’alotha, the Sleeping City, has awakened. Under N’Zoth’s command, the armies of the Black Empire threaten to engulf the world and reshape it according to their master’s vision.”


- What is this?

NtWC Pt.4 is a heavily DM’d event relying on NPC scripting, music which is meant to recreate the events of the original WoW raid in a RPish manner. An event hopefully brought to you by Kathulon, Warhammer from <Explorer’s Guild> and @Cringemaster .


Synopsis/Briefing of what happened in Pt.3

  1. Two Alliance & Horde airships broke through Ny’alotha’s nightmarish defenses through magical enhancements and were utterly destroyed by Vexiona before she was taken down by Wrathion who drove the heroes into victory
  2. Immediately they landed upon the Halls of Devotion’s precipice where they faced off against generals Ka’zir and Tek’ris then bested the corrupted keeper Ra-den by cleansing him of corruption
  3. The Dark Inquisitor’s lair remains uncleared, for now…

- When will it happen?

- On 8/3/2020 20:00 PM Aka: 09:00 PM Server Time. (Expected to last 1:00 -> 1:30 hrs.)

- Event Synopsis

  • Heroes, now encircling 16px-IconSmall_Cultist_Female.gif?versio Dark Inquisitor Xanesh’s lair will strike down the Dark Inquisitor and release the captive Queen Azshara

  • Now armed with knowledge from Queen Azshara about the dreaded blade Xal’atath, Wrathion will lead the heroes’ assault on 16px-IconSmall_Kith%27ix.gif?version=1a2 N’Zoth’s carapace.

  • As you rise up further into 16px-IconSmall_N%27Zoth.gif?version=ad54 N’Zoth’s domain you shall battle against the corruptor himself for the ultimate battle that’ll decide the fate of Azeroth!

What are the event’s rules?

  • Make attempts, any godmodding will be voided without warning.

  • You may face multiple enemies at some times, to make it easier for your party members and for the DM, face your target! Don’t stand in the back and post three articles of an /emote.

  • Emotes are in /emote not in /raid due to the possibility of group splitting and two DMs needed to handle separate groups.

  • /roll normally not /roll 20 when asked.

Deadly_icon.png?version=a30b6a4fadeb5e6b When RP has begun that should signify that all members have been accepted after a thorough selection, interrupting the RP to ask excessive ooc questions like: (( Hmm, why is X here. I thought Tauren don’t like hostilities too much…etc… )) will result in a kick.

  • No granting unreasonable powers to your character, ( Ex:  A prisoner gets captured for interrogation then character’s owner in question whispers the DM: ''yo, btw my char can read thoughts no need for interrogation")

Deadly_icon.png?version=a30b6a4fadeb5e6b No skipping, rushing, flying mounts allowed [Follow the DM as this is a planned event not an open world one exploration one]


How to accomplish character progression for your character?

  • This will be available more in depth for people who contact me before event so I can arrange extra additions for their characters within the event, contact Kathulon#4626 on discord and post in your desires for your character ( Ex:  Acquiring a specific item/relic, injuring/getting injured, imprisoned, interrogating, etc…)


NOTICE: In this event, you’ll have to choose between 3 combat allies who’ll aid you on your journey. These are NPCs which have specific abilities such as nullifying harmful effects from a specific encounter, etc…


What races allowed on adventurers/Champions of Azeroth side.

All Alliance/Horde-affiliated playable races.


Rajani Mogu, Tol’vir, Ogres, Sethrak, Tortollan, Valarjar Vrykul. Drogbar. Ankoan, Unshackled. 


Who to contact?

  • Kath’ruulon <Oblivion Crusaders> [In-game]

  • Kathulon#4626 on discord.


See you there!

oh yes, a bunch of randoms versus n’zoth, this’ll be fun