File I/O Error info dump

Just putting this here for whoever regarding the File I/O Error: I’ve had it happen two ways. Both ways, the downloading didn’t happen as usual (I last played during the summer, if that helps - the size of the Data folder never goes above about 600 MB for me).

On my C: drive, the File I/O Error occurred during initial setup. I was able to open the client and, after a day or two, got into character select; I could not enter the world without another error (it did not disconnect me like it has in the past when download was incomplete). On a different drive, the File I/O Error did not come up during initial setup and instead is occurring when I log into the account. I enter the credentials, select the server, and then the game crashes and the error box shows up. I don’t play Retail and haven’t for a long time, so this is the only thing WoW related on my computer. I also tried installing on a laptop with the same File I/O Error result on login. I also noticed I had to use the WoW.exe to save my configuration this time around.

If there’s anything on my end I can try, I’ll go for it. Otherwise, I hope that info helps! I’ve seen the other two topics about this, but I’m interested to see if the client is still downloading for other people. It makes me think it could be an issue on my end, but none of the common solutions work (antivirus, admin, etc.).

No one’s going to solve the problem, mate. People here don’t help strangers and the admins are inactive.

It’s the holiday season, I left this here for them so they can figure it out IF they want to and WHEN they get the time. People here absolutely do help strangers, but if nobody replies, that means nobody has the answer. As someone who has never learned how maintain a private server myself or do any of the cool things that this server does, I’m perfectly content with that.

The admins don’t owe me or any of us anything. If the server goes down tomorrow, it was fun while it lasted. It’s all in good fun.


I’m also getting this I/O error. Reinstalled 4 times over, both on C drive and my external. Rip. :confused:

More juicy info:

Data is still getting streamed, but I’m not sure how or what’s triggering it. I’m able to get into the character select screen and have almost 2gb downloaded from going over all the character select options. For some reason, going into the customize character option made everything download correctly. I’m going to try repeatedly logging in, to see if it makes a difference, as I can get the first loading screen on a new character and about the first centimeter of the blue bar to go before the program goes unresponsive.

I might be able to force my way into the starting area or somewhere else where I can leave my character afk and see if data is streamed while in game, but I don’t think anything is even being downloaded while I’m in the loading screen. I’ll update this when I can.

Best bet is to join the discord and @ Both Dread & Goudy. Check the info tabs/technical in the RPH Discord.

If this is stopping new players from joining then its gonna hold back RPH.