Form Quality and Main Phase Extras!

I tought of just two little improvements:
The first is literally 3 lines of code, 2 in js and 1 in html;

Less overhead insthead of php is nice, but the old forum was more “appealing”, pheraps is nostalgia about “old internet communities”

The second one would be using the main phase to have a “treasure hunt” eveyday; a chest spawns in the main phase… whoever “finds” it, can mute 1 person for 1h from ann (just 1 person per day can be muted).
I tought it would be fun to play with friends and mute them.

Also, updating the main phase with creatures accordingly so ph copy works in the “new zones”

That mute thing is a terrible idea, because let’s be real, most of us would end up muting Futaba just to shut that insane retard up.


Yeah, knowing RPH they would just use it to keep one person infinitely muted. Lol.


No, you don’t get it…
It’s for “memes”… only one person per day can get muted for as much as 1 hour…
Even if he gets muted it would be just for 1 hour

Have to agree with previous posters, this is a terrible idea that would only lead to the hated person of the month being muted every single day.

I don’t see the problem in this

Can we have our colored names back?

Not if said person finds it first.
And yes, muted, but just 1h a day, 1 person a day, and just muted in .ann.
An incentive, just to make the main phase more “alive”

if u think this would add any amount of life to anything ur kinda delusional

start is already well and truly alive if you’ve seen it lately. as for making the main phase more generally alive, without thousands of players the main phase will never populate to something ‘alive’.

if you want the main phase to be populated, advertise main phase RP.

edit: a better incentive for this treasure hunt would be silver or gold coins to spend on RPH anyway