Game Crashing Item

Hello everybody,

First off let me start by wishing everybody a happy new years!

Unfortunately, my year has not started so happy… Last night I accidentally added an item on my main character that has caused him to crash everytime you load him. I am hoping to get this item removed from my inventory as this character has many important items and is phase owner to a phase I’ve worked a lot on.

I have even tried to get friends to try and log into my account and it also crashes them.

Here are the items

[[GIZ] Vest of the Dashing Scoundrel



In my inventory I have one of these items, I’m not sure which, but soon after equipping it I crashed and if I even just look at my character in the selection menu it also crashes me.

I was hoping to have just this item removed from my inventory (and not a total wipe) if possible please.

My account is:
[email protected]

The character having the issue:

Thank you!


If you know the id and the item only crashes you when you open up your bag do .additem [id of item] -1 and it will get rid of it, sorry if this doesnt help but its the best i can do

The item is equipped and crashes me on the character menu as soon as I look at my character. I’m unable to load into game. If I’m quick enough to boot up the game it will crash me as soon as I enter instant termination. I need the item removed through the database by an admin. Thank you for trying to help. I’m still patiently waiting if Goudy or Dread could please help me out.