Guildmaster's Forum (For Guildmasters)

Hi All,

I’m interested in perhaps starting a Discord where Guild Masters can meet to discuss ideas, collaboration, recruitment and the issues on the server, sort of like a united nations of RPH Guilds.

Running Chronicles of Lordaeron for 4 Years now, I’ve certainly seen the highs and lows of operating a Guild and am now looking for inspiration in ways I can bring new energy, new ideas, new practices into my own Guild mastering. I can also draw upon my own experiences to help and give advice to newer Guildmasters.

If anyone is interested in this idea I’d like to know


I can see why plenty of folks might be hesitant about the idea, but I can’t really say more communication across the server is necessarily a bad thing. Exchanging ideas, tips, and etcetera could actually be a decent idea.

Forming a small community can have a few effects though; on the negative it might push some guild leaders to a mindset of exclusivity, which can make folks pretty toxic. Something like this may also help to reinforce flaws if members of the group are afraid to disagree with each other. On the other hand I could see it being a wealth of knowledge, support, and inspiration for folks who need it and a decent way of keeping up to date on some of what’s going on around the server.

I’ll support it, personally I’d like to see how something like this plays out.

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I see this and I read it as “Let’s form the Illuminati”

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If it brings more promoted material on RPH, I’d gladly support the idea. Lately there’s been a shortage of populated public RPs, and looking back it’s been a while since any were more than a renamed Saltire/Coldwater/etc. style phase. Not that the many private phases are bad, but it’d be nice to see more a more focused effort in the promoted area.

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no toxcicity pls

thankie from mcspankies

Lunaeries made a good point, as if he could ever not do so.

Though I’d advise you refrain from denying non-guildmasters into this forum/discord/community. (I’m assuming that was your intention here) Seeing as guildmasters are not always managing their guild on their own. Officers need these insights too. And guild members would be better off too knowing what goes into leading a guild as well, not to mention they might have experience to share. So I say change the label to “Guild Management Forum” and you’ll have a good thing going.