Hear me out Rph!

Ogre kingdoms rp, yay or nay? May be fun, and even in the phase we can have another side? It being orcs or maybe even another tribe of ogres? Thoughts?!


As long as I get someone to play a two headed ogre with me

Definitely more yay than nay.
I believe Orcs and Trolls are also a good fit for RP with Ogres, depending on Tribe. Some Ogres also come in contact with dragon clans in the lore and some Ogres are neutral mercenaries working for whoever pays while others operate in the outlands under demonic command.

A lot of potential there.

Draenor RP in general would be befitting, do the rise of the empire, that’d be a cool plot line to follow, and you’d get to see the Orc hordes buddy up slowly into the Iron Horde n shit