Help - Can't Access Account or Associated Email Addy

Hello! Ignore my last unfinished post, I’m a dingus X3

So! I’m Hobokitty from several years ago. I can’t access my old email address, or the Hobokitty account login details. But I can dig back through the records on my PayPal and demonstrate ownership if needed.

How can I access my old account and get it back? Thanks!

PM me the account details.


I have, a couple of times, but haven’t heard back from ya yet =(

Would love to join you again soon!
Thanks <3

we all ate at arby’s

Heeey, it’s been about 2 weeks since I made this thread and I haven’t gotten a reply to my PMs just yet. Do we have a Discord or something?

Yeah, you can access it with the main site.