High Elves aren't canon

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Let me explain. High Elves technically exist in WoW lore since Vanilla. Yes, I know there were High Elves before. The crucial point comes in the Frozen Throne campaign The Curse of the Blood Elves, when all existing High Elves become Blood Elves. This is fact.
WoW then retcons this in its vanilla release, claiming there are still pockets of High Elves still around. This is fucking dumb and I shall explain why.

The entire point of Curse of the Blood Elves is that the Elves are dying of mana addiction with their millenia-long source of power (the Sunwell) being destroyed by Arthas’ forces in Reign of Chaos. The surviving Elves (very few in number, as the vast majority of them were slaughtered by the invading undead forces) flee their destroyed homeland south, through Lordaeron, to join up with the rest of the Alliance remnants near the ruins of Dalaran. They are then given a number of impossible tasks to complete by Lord Garithos - forcing them to accept the help of the naga, for which they are imprisoned in Dalaran.

Now. The entire point of this campaign is that the Blood Elves are forced into accepting a difficult and insane bargain (feed on demonic energy, support Illidan in taking over Outland) so that they don’t die of mana addiction. They are forced to slaughter their former allies (human jailors in Dalaran, Maiev’s wardens), ally themselves with monsters and demons and mount campaigns in both Outland and Northrend just so that they can have some means of sating their addiction - fel energy: a dirty, unstable source that can and does cause physical and psychological changes to those who consume it. All of this, so that they don’t succumb to their addiction…


Some degenerate mouthbreathers in the WoW writers’ room circa 2004 decided that all of this Faustian bargain and great noble sacrifice shit written into the Warcraft 3 lore was just a guideline. Nah, son, you don’t actually need to go out of your way to find an alternative source of mana, sacrificing everything for a chance to sate your addiction. Nah, you can just SIT ON YOUR ARSE FOR A FEW HOURS A DAY and it’ll all be good. Kael didn’t need to traverse the ruined plains of his homeland and protect the last treasures of his kingdom from rampaging undead. They could have just stayed where they were, meditating amidst the ruined buildings and absorbing mana from the fucking universe.

B-b-but muhh High Elves in Dalaran…

Oh, hey Stevalor the High Elf, how’s it going?
“Yeah, not bad Bob the Human. Another lovely day in Dalaran. What’s the latest?”
Well, we just locked up the leader of your people and your entire race in the dungeons yesterday morning because they were conspiring with sea snake people and demons to slaughter a bunch of humans. But then, at night, they broke out of the dungeons with the help of the snake people, slaughtered a whole bunch of violet guard and our head jailor and are now in the process of escaping to an alien planet to serve a demonic lord while killing yet more of our people that are trying to stop them.
“Oh, that sucks, bro. Guess I’ll go back to polishing this wand. It’s good that Dalaran is so tolerant that despite my numerous familial connections to Quel’thalas and its people I shall be able to continue my work here unabated, even though that’s my cousin literally over there burning violet soldiers alive!”

Stop with your dumb meme race.



nobody cares

You wanna know another meme on the High Elves?

One of the original reasons why the High Elves were banished from Quel’Thalas was over their disagreement to, get this, siphon mana out of animals.

Just - just think about that for a second: For the High Elves, consuming animals for mana is bad.

As if the Thalassians were a civilisation of hardcore vegans who were above killing animals for more basic products such as meat and furs. But killing them to consume mana is where it’s morally unacceptable, to the point they were willing to get themselves exiled to oppose this ‘monstruous’ consumption of nature’s creatures lmao

In the end the schism should basically be played as a political divergence and not much more.

Even during TBC, there was a minority of Blood Elves who wished to return to the Alliance, others might have felt marginalised by the authoritarian dickery going on in Silvermoon at the time, or the use of fel, or as the Highvale High Elves, they were simply secluded to themselves to really bother with Silvermoon’s politics, or alternatively they were refugees in Stormwind.

Let’s be honest the real meme race is the Void Elves.


maybe because the act of consuming these “animals” for “mana” is an inhumane or immoral way of killing them, like some people kill animals and eat meat irl but they think its immoral to kill animals in the halal way

the same can be said for humans killing humans irl, there are more and less moral methods to kill another human being

eg some US regions believe its moral to kill death row dudes by injection, but it would be immoral to kill them by knife or a fucking hammer to the head, so there are levels to this shit and u have 2 understand that

"Muh mana wyrms deserved better :c " *kills 200 boars in elwynn*

high elf from PETA

I mean, at the time your people are facing imminent societal collapse because the lack of a resource, something that is already widely accepted and widespread as the killing of animals for that resource is a very silly concern to have.

Since when did the Thalassians care about animal rights anyway? I feel like the writers at Blizzard had a brain fart and added this as a reason why the High Elves left without thinking on the implications.

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blood elves feel big sad when killing lynxes, but since when are mana wyrms considered animals?


where have i heard this from before ?

Did you get rejected by a high elf for ERP?

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Just don’t roleplay elves™

problem solved

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Pale Queldorei dont exist, only elves with Black skin.

-Owner of Allied Ilses formely Hillside



imagine being this upset over a fantasy race on a video game

shouldn’t your therapist be telling you not to worry about make-believe entities? they can’t hurt you!

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no pfp no opinion

I squint in this autistic post considering this is when wow had good lore, huh sorry Windrunner comics and war comics bai, 

/ignore everybody you don’t agree with

WoW then retcons this in its vanilla release, claiming there are still pockets of High Elves still around. This is fucking dumb and I shall explain why.

Read this again but slowly. Your post makes no sense at all.

Edit: Let me explain cause your braincells are as tragic as The Titanic, if not worse. Sure, this part of lore is not by your liking, okay. Everyone has an opinion, but you can’t deny their existence.

you know the warcraft universe had lore before WoW right?

Again, read that again, but slowly. Retcon means that a particular part of lore, even if before WoW is no longer canon.

Seriously people grow some brains.