Holy sh#t, more holy roleplay (Blairwood)

Looking for people who’d be interested in doing some revolving around the holy light. We’d be mostly on one phase to help progress a singular story but there are other plans in mind in case something ever happens to Blairwood.

Roleplay would focus on personal relations between players and inter-guild roleplay with the coven guild in the phase along with events. However if you think you can log on in just the weekends to do events you can fuck off.

The village has a monastery which has been custom made and can be further expanded the more people use it, perhaps even given a basement at some point. If people become invested enough.

To sell you on the guild let me explain a few small things which is expected of people that joins it.

  • You need to know what you’re doing on an OOC level, character flaws are allowed and even expected of you along with any consequences that comes with it but you must know what you’re getting into it.
  • You’re to OOCly be respectful and act like an adult, this isn’t our phase therefore we don’t make the rules. If you get yourself into drama you’re to screenshot the things being said including your own so it can be properly investigated into and solved in a way either everyone is satisfied preferably.
  • We’re not here to kill everything, its not a crusade so get that out of your head. Primarily we want roleplay therefore if you see something happen you need to remember the third and final Virtue, Compassion. (This can be ignored if this is part of your character flaw or depending on the situation, but there might be IC consequences.)
  • No overpowered bullshit as it ruins the struggle and fun for most people who want to build their characters up over time, limit yourself. That means no Highlords and no ancient Lightforged Draenei who’s fought the legion for centuries.
  • The light is not sentient, it will not come to save you unless you pray to it and even then that is no guarantee that it will succeed.
  • Accept consequences, you might die but that’s fine as the world doesn’t revolve around your character. In fact if you do die your body will even be given a proper funeral and buried in the Graveyard and can perhaps one day be there to defend it or give guidance to other roleplayers given a good enough reason.

Finally, though it might be extended over time, this is obviously holy focused so the people who’s accepted are anyone who already are or wishes to become a Priest or Paladin. No mixing of classes and preferably NOT Lightborne-… Because frankly I find them fucking stupid. (Again exceptions can be made, but most likely not.)

Contact me on FitchS in RPH or Whitehawk#7673 for more information.