How to summarize 2021 RPH with one image


Let’s see Voyager’s screenshot.





Idk how i’d summarize it we’re barely in march
Although 2020 rph was rather slow, nothing important happened outside of a few random sperg outs in the rph discord
And Randy Orlok the Mongol

The absolute state of Roleplay in WoW whenever, wherever.
Although considering WoW’s Lore, I have a feeling the writers of the Lore have no problem with that.

Whoever let tranny cockheart into Myrefall just created a new Harlem phase for her, have fun. Maybe now cosmo won’t make people come back to start puking

You are really emotionally invested in someone else’s character.

I will hate their existence till they die. Apparently my autocorrect said support, so I-o
I’ve never even rpee with them, only been in their space. I’m a sad human being

what a cataclysmic drought of pussy do to a mfer

Brah moment