How to use illusions on weapons

Hi guys, I don’t play rph anymore but saw someone ask this question, so I’ll tell yall how I used weapon illusions on my weapon. (The little particle enchantment shit)

Disclaimer: Not all of them work, I remember the void weapon one doesn’t work

Step one: Get a transmog npc, I have an npc mall at phase 416354, the arcane elemental is what I used, but if you can find another npc that opens the menu, go ahead and use it.

Step two: Find the illusion you want and look for the item that unlocked it in retail or the spell associated with said item, I forgot which one worked

Step Three: Relog, this for some reason just made it work

Step Four: Use the npc you found and apply it

Step Five: ya got a cool looking weapon now, yay

Any questions dm SovereignGary#1417 on discord, this has been my ted talk, enjoy