hurts my chest so hard and deep

damn standing on the pillar of eternity seeing nothin bot hte void and i feel the grea tpain it hurts my teeth and sidesi walk on thee edge of ehumanity and no one listen

s no one listens he keeps saying no but i gotta do it man i gotta do it its like watchin a damn circus and thersno clown it cant be like this everywhere rightno one listens theres

osme great power afoot and i can feel it man but no one listens no one listens its like waking up blind man i dont feel nothing not even my self its not right dudes i always stood

right i always always good but why the fuck do they always follow the wrong guy i dont understand

i stand on the precipe of roll but it it aint rolling WHat HappenEd!!??!?!?/ discuss

what wrong with this? u03nc.jpgsomeone help me understand i just cant feel it

tehers a damn ghost around the place and i cant see it the ghost is the ghost of my dad who left but he never died? 

th place is just ful of spirits and spookss it has to be a plot but they dont listen

you good?

damn son


Damn these shitposts nowadays…

shitposting done right

im sorry beast you’ll make it through this buddy don’t worry ok?

what is love

“love” a concept created by women to cheat men out of their hard cash? or is it the funamdnetal building block of theh uman spirit… no one knows and it frustrates me i verythimg i go on a date i get told im supposed to love but i dont feel it my life is always wrong i dont understand whats going on

someone please understand this to me

i l ook at this image and this ghost and think that my hole body is not okay but its and i dont think thats near the end i feel theres more to this and i dont understand its not listening someone pelease help

its okay now i feel okay

you’ll be okay buddy


(hes a phantom, danny phan- danny phan- danny phantom) yo danny phantom he was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine designed to view a world unseen (he’s gonna catch em all cuz hes danny phantom phantom) when it didnt quite work his folks they just quit then danny took a look inside of it there was a great big flash every thing just changed his molecules got all rearranged (phantom phantom) when he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair and glowin green eyes he could walk through walls dissappear and fly he was much more unique then the other guys and it was then danny knew what he had to do he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through he’s here to fight for me and u (hes gonna catch em all cuz hes danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz hes danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz hes ----- danny phantom)

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