Interest Check - Fordragon's Vanguard

For the Shattered Crown!

Background: The heathen and heretic to the will of the damned one Sylvanas Windrunner has committed an unspeakable act of defiance against the Frozen Throne-She has shattered the Helm of Domination and torn asunder the barrier of life and death, and the Scourge has gone feral. Rampant. Chaotic. Spurred on by these heretic ‘Mawsworn’ worshipping a false god, the Scourge has lost it’s way. But not us. We are the true. We are the loyal. Our loyalty has always been to the Lich King, for He will never die. He will never be defeated. Pledge loyalty to the Shattered Crown, or affirm it… or be destroyed. Sylvanas’ lackeys will not stand long against the Fordragon’s Vanguard.

Races Allowed: All lesser undead(Ghouls, Skeletal Constructs, Zombies, Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, etc)

Greater Undead(Abominations, Frost Wyrms, Death Knights, ETC-will be limited varying on the greater undead.)

All races allowed(Cultists).

Quick note, aren’t most if-not-all undead bound to the Helm of Domination, and destroying the Helm would unleash the undead from it’s will and cause them to go rampant? Pretty sure there wouldn’t be undead still loyal to Bolvar. Maybe the greater undead like frost wyrms and DKS, liches, etc, but the lesser ones like ghouls and such would still be rampant. Correct me if I’m wrong, but still a neat concept overall.

but at the moment I had something to do, and it wasn’t this.

Greater undead would have their will restored, lesser undead would go rampant unless controlled by necromancers, death knights and anyone else capable of controlling undead.

I believe by the extension of the lore those bound by willl (key word bound.) either lesser or greater are now no longer controlled, so that includes feral all the way up to DK’s, but kek concept, we’ll see how the true event plays pre patch