[Interest Check] Tales of Alterac

Hi everyone,

This is an interest check for a friends guild idea. It’s a group that has been running a few events already but would like to see what interest the rest of the server (or at least those who frequent the forums) would have.

Phase Lore: Canon/Extended Lore

Phase Time: 7 ADP (Just after the Second-War)

RPable Factions: Lordaeron (primary) , Syndicate (Secondary possibly)

Location: Alterac Mountains, Silverpine Forest, Hillsbrad Foothills

System: Loosely DnD Based (Dice Rolling)

Plot Brief:
Following the Second War, Lordaeron chose to annex it’s neighbor, Alterac, and take control of the land in order to restore order to the traitorous nation while the Alliance sought to find a new heir to the Alterac throne.

The Lordaeronian* Forces, the 2nd Batallion lead by Commander Andrew Ferrule, are based at the lakeside town of Redbridge located on the Alterac-side shores of Lordamere Lake.

The Lordaeronian* soldiers (the players) must face many challenges as they must be able to survive the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the Alterac Mountains as they hunt their enemies, the rebellious Syndicate. Even in villages such as Strahnbrad nowhere is safe as many Alterac civillians pledge themselves to the Syndicate cause.

Only Lordaeron can restore order to this crumbling nation, but with Lordaeron’s coffers low, and politics stalling, the Annex is looking to be lasting longer than anyone could have imagined.

Those interested can join the Discord here:

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