[Interest Check!] Tales of Mirendya

Hello folks, it’s me August. A lot of people I’ve been talking to most likely know what this thread is about, but I’ll still be going deep into detail. As promised this thread will be posted before the weekend, hence now!
Recently a few months ago, I started a bunch of new projects, Mirendya my most ambitious, and underworked. Mirendya has been underworks for 4(ish) months once a week with very little attention
Yet recently talking to about around 34-40ish people, I’ve been told that the idea would be welcomed with open arms. I don’t expect everyone to enjoy it, and I know a lot of people saw it as overly complicated or ambitious, hence I’ve taken to stepping back and simplifying things, please note, not everything is official- and if this thread gains enough people for traction I will open up a discord for people to engage and help suggest.

So let’s get down to the basic information before we dig to far! Tales of Mirendya is a custom based, neutral-like DM phase, the idea to keep close to WoW, while offering a unique storyline, and a enjoyable time. The idea behind the project is to take DND, WoW, and some other inspirations, and combine them to make a phase worth the effort and time. It is to be based on a Island off of the Eastern Kingdoms, of a Alliance settlement. This large island’s primary settlement aligns with the Alliance. Unfortunately however, this port town has had a dark evil consume it. With the death of its former Baron, this large city fell onto corruption and turmoil over the last years, secluding itself past a trade port for revenue and goods. Now taking time in the current retail timeline of Shadowlands, a bounty guild ran by Humans within the town, seek to find capable adventurers! Unfortunately with the turmoil in the town, the xenophobic and extremely racist Humans, do not wish to seek the help. Players will go about under the guise of this Bounty Guild to figure a solution, while lining their pockets. There’s a lot to be had, and a lot of factions and ideas to make it immersive and enjoyable. There is more to come in a in-depth Lore, but essentially players come In as what they please, and their goals are their own. Perhaps they are a New Laxenforder, seeking to make a name, or a goblin merchant seeking to line his pockets. Or he’ll even a Gnoll of the NPC factions, now run off to join the guild’s.

The current things I can go over are the following,

Factions will be the definition of both NPC and Player groups, these groups can be measly ten man guilds, to entire repopulating vermin villages. The Idea behind factions it to allow a unique function to be had. Factions will be ran by DMs, who will manage their Resource Points, Tier Points, Upgrade points, all these points coming from their activities. This way, there is no idling each day you come to roleplay because there is no threat you can fight, there is always a fight, and where one faction falls, another will very well take its place. The idea behind these factions is to create a imposing threat, your ally factions may raid them, host parties, or perhaps your enemies will take up a sniping position and prevent the settlers from getting their crops. This is where players get to decide, they must decide if they will seek out one foe, or another. Or maybe do nothing and watch it all burn! Regardless this unique system is designed to promote more interaction, and more enjoyable roleplay while keeping combat involved when desired. From active to passive, these hopefully help keep a flow during even downtime.

Classes have been decided! With much self debate, I’ve decided to go off retail classes, specs and spells have not yet been decided, but players coming in May bring their life long hero, or create a new one. There will be sheets explaining how this work, currently three things are known for sure however. One, there are Action points and every ability will relate to these, cooldowns may be included on some special abilities, but otherwise these help dictate combat. Two. There is two forms of unique resource pools for combat, energy and mana. You will either use one or the other unless you are a hybrid class. This is to help keep the system as simple as possible without ruining the combat prospective to her more, some more changes are expected during the preparation phase to make it simple and enjoyable, what is known for sure is that you will need a section to write this down-ideally your about or OOC information, and afterwards it’s just good from there.

So a lot of debate went on this one, and I talked to some people, it’s been decided that races will have some unique effects to them, what this will be, is yet to be decided… I don’t want people making or feeling they are obligated to pick a race for bonuses, they will be super minor and simplistic in order to keep a flow, as we have a 0 tolerance for stat whoring, or any like wise. You should expect regardless to not be welcomed within the city as most races due to the extreme racial ideology are hated.

Stats, items, rolls
So stats are currently being looked over, but I think how this will work is stats will be item only and give minor bonuses, as this would require a lot of balancing and annoy a lot of players to keep track of. At most what may be done is a single primary stat, which will determine your classes bonus. A example would be a rogue having 2 agility, meaning they get 1 extra action point, but that’s potential. Otherwise it’ll be avoided entirely. Items and gold will be rewarded ICly and are to be kept track of, and will probably function as above was stated, giving minor bonuses yet having no severe impact in most fights. As for rolls, the system decided was that of a D20, attack being that with a 0-9 being a Miss, 10-19 being a hit, a 20 being a critical (2x). Stats in terms of the resource pool, health, and armor factoring into this. Armor and defensive rolls have been decided to function as Armor acting as a +amount to the defensive roll, while defensive rolls being a 0-9 being a failed defense, 10-19 being a successful block, and 20 being a retaliate/parry. Once 10-19 are rolled, you’d add in your defenses and reduce that from the damage. (Example here being: My enemy rolled a attack, I rolled a defense, his attack is 6, I am not using any defensive magic, or spells. My defense as a cloth user is 1, but with my items, and spells I gain 2. There for I reduce that damage by 3, so I take 3 damage. Now say I have 5 armor, and he hits me for 30, but I also have a shield for 3 on my 200 HP. Then I add that up to 8, reduce the damage by 8, and take the rest. Currently this system is the most concerned for DND style combat, but it’ll be in major works

Immersion, Quest, and NPCS
I’m really excited to talk about this one, I wanted to create a truly unique place. Not complicated to the point it’s lost, but unique. From custom items, to custom details. It’s In my largest #1 plan, to build immersion. Everything is curated to be unique in some fashion and have detail, perhaps there’s custom brewery items, or unique shop keepers, unique bosses, unique npcs. All of it’s meant to tell a story and be fun!

The Story Line
There is still a lot to do, but I want players to see the story of each faction and the phase as something, something unique. Not quite like reading a book, but like writing one. Everything has certain things planned and reactions! But how it folds, is how it’s written. There are no drama rules, and some others to prevent lolrping or bullshit, but as long as everything’s IC and in accordance, this story is meant to be written by us as a community as we curator this phase.

Instead of levels, it was decided a system called veterancy would exist, similar to current retail renown, this would be your skill and ability. This system would go up to 30, with each task you doing contributing a small amount to increasing your experience to the next veterancy. While it will increase small things, it’s primarily designed to act as a determiner of skill and ability ic, and less as a gameplay mechanic for the dnd combat. But one things for sure, a fresh recruit is not going to be as capable as a person who’s been fighting for countless weeks, therefore that recruit may not get offered to take high risk contracts, or be as attuned to their classes strength. Minor bonuses, but primarily designed as a renown like system.

Guild’s have been largely in debate, they have been decided to be ran on a Application system for tracking, but as the phase is ideally meant to be driven by player action, guild’s will be accepted as long as they are within reason and responsible from the outside, and players can freely create them inside with their characters through a charter-or create a unofficial group!

There will be a quality control system, and by that this system is a Application and whitelist. This is sheets that are publicly up in the discord when the phase starts so we can see who’s there, and what’s what. It’s a really simple application, and everyone’s welcome to come. The quality control is just seeing who wants to actually roleplay, and who doesn’t here. I am dropping any drama with anyone, and as long as people behave, apply and enjoy. That’s it, once you apply once your whitelisted after acceptance, and applications are meant to make sure We can keep track as well as know you know what your getting into

Player ran
Going back to this, I want to start and run the phase as a DM, to tell this story, but as we gauge of this start, I want the actions of the role players in here, to DETERMINE the world. To add to the immersion factors, so this is going to be a big driving thing, I will have myself and DMs still moderate how it develops, but it’s mostly dependent on what we do.

So I know this is really messy, but I wanted to get this out there, and let people ask, throw suggestions, and critique. I did write this messily, and there’s still a lot more changes and things to be done, but I wanted to get this done. Now goodnight folks! I look forward to seeing people respond so I can engage, I want to make something nice here for us all to enjoy, with just a little effort!


I like the sound of it already.


Sounds like it’d take a good bit of work. If you can get at least 1-2 more people on-board and dedicated to the idea, at least for the beginning, you should be fine.

I’m not an expert but traditionally the best way to make something last is for either you to be ungodly dedicated, practically throw away your free time, all the time, to make it work. Or find a couple folks who’re reasonably dedicated to run it casually but reliably.

Lore already exists so for the story, best I’d suggest is to start things off with a bit of a bang to draw attention. Maybe kick things off with just a small core group of players and DMs? Call it a trial run to establish some storylines and get a feel for how you want to do things, it’s also a good opportunity to experiment with different systems. I like stats being based on equipment, honestly that’s a decent way to do it and I wouldn’t have any gripes. Though it would be absolutely terrible for any prospective nudists.

Nice work ironing this out so far, I’m excited to see it in action someday.

Yush, I know. Being on RPH for as long as I have, I know phases tend to ware out, drama drives people out, or people lose dedication. My goal here is while it is a bit messy it to gauge people to know if I should dedicate more time, and should open up this application. I figured I’d spearhead most of this on my own till I released it into its open phase of recruiting and go from there, so right now I’m seeing how the community reacts, but there is definitely a lot to do

I think it sounds very cool, and has lots of potential. A well grounded concept for what sounds to be a much needed phase.