Is RPH officially dead?

It’s been months, probably since last year since I’ve quit for a little while now I’ve come back several times and this server is still down? Is RPH dead now? + what ever happened to Dr3ad?

As to Dr3ad: At this point, we can only assume the worst, but hope for the best.

Yeah I myself was just trying to log in to the website again and cant even log in, changed my password but it still says that it’s wrong. I guess it finally got DMCA’D

Well, not that it matters really, but I’m able to login on the website.

Hopefully he’s doing alright, haven’t heard from him and the other devs for a while

The website still works, I could login using my same user and password, only thing right now obviously is the server and the unavailable access to the game, but who knows anyway

I have enjoyed my time on rph, hopefully it will come back someday.

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