Is the era of GM RP servers dead?

Hey y’all, I was being nostalgic, I played way back during Div and all that, and decided to check on RPH like i do once every year or two and it seems like RPH is finally dead? Is that true?

dead server lol

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Some people think Dr3ad has internet problems, others say it happened before for the server to be down 2 months. The website seems to come online from time to time and other times it just doesn’t work. So, nobody really knows what exactly is happening. Just ignore the comments like “dead server” or other similar things. They don’t know anything, but just comment for the sake of commenting or to make people go away.

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cope harder

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I see, well, I’ll hope that when I check in in another two years it’s back up, lol

There are other servers out there, just not this one at the moment, gm rp servers will live on