It really is always something man

ERROR #701241008 (0000000000) File I/O error.

Game was working fine, as usual, then also, as usual, it stopped working. I figured it’d reset my TRP, but I’ve given up writing it as this is the 8th time of it not working, then wiping my game data, and then after like a week mysteriously working again.

However the game is not working, even after a week. Nothing edited, doing everything as directed (such as on the correct .bit, and using the RPH launcher.) The error above is what I get, all other launchers give a BLZ error.

I know I seem negative, but there is no reason to keep going on with this if there is no solution, and it reliably fucks up. (Im talking like, exiting after building, playing league, starting it back up after an hour and boom everything doesnt work and then resolves itself after a week except for TRP, but the TRP is on me as I just don’t save it because I never was able to actually fill out my entire TRP before randomly being hit with errors and shit, which of course don’t have solid solutions and is more of a “try this and this and if it doesnt work reinstall”, even though reinstalling almost never works for me, I hope it does for others.

So what do I do?
Is it something I’ve been doing on my entire end this whole time?

If not, this is simply becoming too much to deal with.
I love what I am able to do in this server, but if I have to dick around for an entire week every month then I’d just rather go to a different server, or drop out of servers all together if this is a widespread issue.

I tried keeping shut, but after the literal 15th time, I’m getting a solid solution or calling it quits.

I try 100 different things that never work, in fact, nothing ever offered through advice ever works with it, it just sort of solves itself.

Again, I know this is negative, but I don’t care much, I tried being decent about it and waiting for a thread to address it, but instead its back to the half ass answers that don’t work.

So by god, I hope its me. If it isn’t, I’d rather know itd be an issue I will keep having to deal with instead of temporary solutions.

Refer yourself to this thread. Grab a community copy, the issues are being looked into by Goudy.

Solution to this is temporary, server is having some outer technical issues.

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