Item Display ID's

Okay, so does anyone know of a current way to find display id’s of npc items, or items not currently obtainable by blizzard? I have a few armour pieces I would like to create but cannot for the life of me find a way to get display id’s.

Cheat for slots:

0 - Helm
1 - Shoulder
2 - Shirt
3 - Torso
4 - Belt
5 - Legs
6 - Boots
7 - Wrist
8 - Gloves
9 - Tabard
10 - Cape (cloak)

If the model Id uses a baked texture some parts will be preskinned on it and will require you to use a native instead.

Model Id is second column in creaturedisplayinfo

Have fun

I got there and found the item I wanted in the model viewer, so then I looked it up in the link you provided, and showed it was supposed to be shoulders, which it was. But none of the id’s work to create the item…I’m just trying to get the id’s for the red soulforge set, I did find a weapon and create it no problem with, but armor is more difficult it seems.