Jok'Ree, The Loner

Given name: Jok’Ree Taksting Current name: Jok’Ree Taksting Nickname(s): - Age: 26 Gender: Male Race:Troll Class: Elementalist hunter. Title(s):The Loner Weapon(s): 2 Ancient Troll machetes on his back. Armour:Light & Leathery Loyalty: His Tribe. Personality: Kind, Trustful, Unusual. Physical Appearance: Tatoos on both arms. Shaped like snakes. Relatives: His Mother and Father. Khi’Jazi and Zahib. (Both Killed) Status: Not very rich, but not poor. ------------------------------------------------ Fighting Style: Firstly he tries to locate the target before they see him. Sneak to a safe spot and ambush from behind with his Bow and Swords. 1-5 Fighting Score- Physical Power: 3/5 Physical Defense: 2/5 Knowledge: 3/5 Magic: 2/5 Range: 4/5 Total: 14/25 Unique Ability: Jumping very high and far. ------------------------------------------------ Misc Details: Nothing. Jewelery: A talisman for treasure hunting luck. His father gave him this when he was 3 years old. And it has worked ever since. Piercings: None Tattoo(s): 2 snakes on both arms Permanent Injuries: No injuries. Home: Has no home. Birth place: In a small village deep in the jungles of Stranglethorn. Weakness’: Almost everything that a mortal can die of. The only thing he is resistant to is poison. Strengths: Best jumper of his Tribe. Goals: To survive. Friends: His cat. Zurkas Religion/Beliefs: The Mojo/Voodoo Alignment: Neutral ------------------------------------------------ Height: 7’2 Weight:230 Eye color: Jade/reddish. Hair color:Green/blue Quote: “Da mojo can be both powerfull and amazing. But it can still be da end for ya.” Story: Jok’Ree was a normal troll in the tribe of Jakkata. Everyone lived happy, but after a few years. More and more trolls were born. And the tribe didn’t have enough room for any more. So, they had to either kill, eat and maybe shrink the newborns head’s. Or they had to send out younglings. And they chose to send out younglings. And Jok’Ree was only 10 years old before he had to leave his tribe. He got a bow, sword and a pack of food from his parents. Then he headed out with tears. Out in the wilderness, all by himself. The first few nights went alright. He killed a couple of stags and sknned them and took their flesh. But after 2 weeks in the wild. A jungle cat approached him whilst he was asleep. And when he woke up, he saw that the cat ate all his food and it was sleeping next to him. Like a small kitten, sleeping with it’s owner. That’s when he realized, he could tame the furious beast of Azeroth. He called the cat Zurkas. (14 years old) Zurkas was a Tiger with black and white fur. He was amazed by the tiger so he kept him as his pet. and they kept on walking until they reached the small ensettlement of Crossroads. This was the first time he had seen orcs so many. The last time he talked to a orc was in the tribe, the orc was a female prisoner for all the single men to have fun with… He always wanted to help her. But she was locked away in a room. So he couldn’t. When he reached the town. He asked around where the best place for getting clothes were. The said "You need to go to the capital of the Horde. Orgrimmar, it’s the city of orcs. And the leader is called Thrall. A shaman, powerful and wise. (17 years old) Before he left for the city called Orgrimmar, he stayed in the inn for some rest. He payed for some food and drink and then went to sleep in a hammock. The next day he ventured forth to Orgirmmar. And he was amazed by what he saw. The giant walls made out of wood. And the carved out walls of stone. All of it was amazing to him. By the time he stared at the wall. The guards thought he was a spy from a hostile tribe for the Darkspear. (17 years old) He was put in a room, waiting for interrogation. He said that he was a outcast from his tribe, but they didn’t belive him. And put him in jail for spionage. He had to sit in jail for 4 years… but he never commplained. He actually liked it, all the new people he met in the jail. He was happy. Then the four years passed, and he was free to go. He explored all of Orgrimmar after that, and he felt satisfied. (21 years) He stayed in orgrimmar until he was 23. After that, he went out in the wilds, and became what he was today. The lonely hunter with a cat named Zurkas. But he isn’t afraid of anything anymore. And he wants to be accepted into his tribe. Once again. (27 years old)

needs moar cats

needs [size=8] LESS[/size][size=8] [size=4]cats[/size][/size]