Just a simple hello and introduction

Hello everyone!

I just created this topic to introduce myself like the others in the Gadgetzan Customs.

So where do i start?

I am a 18 years old  Hungarian citizen, just call my on my artist/gaming name Sekaimaker.

I’m have always be interested in rp things, But i just started to deal with it lately.

My wow history long i started playing in 10 11 years old XDD and i also played/playing some times in blizzard servers.

(My Father also plays in wow :smiley: he showed me this beautiful game long time aggo)

And before you tell me to pay for a rank you are unlucky now because my wallet is empty like a desert now XD

but of course when i have some money before i payed my debit (not bank debit) i plan to buy some coins

I am a big gamer but i usually go to party and i also play guitar(i can play also piano)

i am a big anime fun also

So , now…advertisement XD

I have now finally two little instrumental song in soundcloud so i link it… (i only link the better song)


So ,i wish we can meet and i will have many friends in RPH. Also i searching for hungarians.

 postscript: sorry for my bad English skills… :slight_smile:


greetings traveller.

Many greetings to you.



willkommen deutschen Freund

and thanks for all greetings

Piss unto you, friend. 

hi and welcome

welcome to your death magyar

Go away, before it’s too late.

Well met, weary traveller.

henlo would you like to buy cat


thanks smh 

i can ingore memes/trolls

its not problem for me :slight_smile:


run while you still can

hi and welcome.

Run, run while you still can.  Turn and don’t look back

Heya, welcome aboard!