Let's Discuss: Polymorph and Possession

Hi, guys. Let’s talk about an interesting topic here: Polymorphing and possessing somebody. How strong are the spells, what are the odds of success, and who is able to “resist” them?

For example, wouldn’t those with stronger or bigger bodies and spirits/auras be harder to “bend” to a lesser form such as a sheep due to the strength of said traits (I.E. A hero character/class)? Or would they merely succumb to a commonly used in-game mechanic CC spell like a normal commoner, or footman or grunt would.

Even some elites mobs in the game are mind controlable and polymorphable, but for a rp scenario I see this being handled in three different ways:

1- Allow you character to humbly succumb to other players’ CC because they are playing to their classes’ strenghs (Just like in retail, I know you like retail examples)

2 - Roll to see how effective the spell is

3 - Breakthrough the spells like they’re nothing and shit all over the other players’ abillities like a Mary Sue snowflake with your head up your ass

I think rolling is the best solution.

The stamina one possesses, as quoted from Warcraft, can allow the victim of polymorph to better resist it, or at least have it not last very long.

Undead are also immune, though there are arguments this is just a game mechanic–however, being that undead have infinite stamina…

As for resolving these sorts of things, while I dislike rolls, they are the fairest way to go about it, yeah.

The immunity of undead has been overturned with Wrath of the Lich King. With only those under the effect of another transmutation like spell upon them. (shapeshifting etc).

Another thing to note. At least in RP. Just because you are polymorphed it does not mean you are complacent or stunned. You are the peek of mental faculties of said creature with you taking your thoughts and experiences but still unable to comprehend any more than said creature can fit in its size of brain.

You are also that creature for better or worse. If you are a gorilla you are strong and have awareness, obviously a sheep u aren’t exactly doing much but the type of spell makes different. And even if you are an idiot of an animal you could do a /roll for a frenzy or flee check. A prairie dog wanting to bite or suddenly burrow, as suddenly your last train of thought is ripped from you.

Huh–I had no idea about this, thanks! If it’s not any trouble, could you link me the source? I’d like to keep it on hand.

There is too much lore change from over 20 years ago + cinematics and what nots to give such things a concrete “would be ruleset” without turning it headcannon.

You get to see in wc3 Cairne get baited by a polymorphed squad of footmen into an ambush (so there they have self awareness)

Then in wow rpg lore this makes the “transfiguration” turn you into what ever mindhung creature it is. Somewhere along the lines between tbc and wotlk it was considered “illusionary magic” or even “Mind affecting” from time to time which meant a will save was prone to resist it and undead being less affected by it.

In one of the entry cinematics in wow directly you see a mage turn someone into a sheep and it plops down mid air flailing for air how ever self aware that its about to drop in a very pecculiarly “humane way” by flopping its arms around. If you’ve ever seen sheep jump of things, and believe me its rare, they aim to drop on their belly , and from lower altitude they just aim to land on their front hooves like the likes of goats.

Its one of those spells often only used on npc related encounters thats Dm to dm policed differently, with players often avoiding to use it on each other for the sole purpose of being unsure what to do afterwards.

In dalaran there is a book called “polymorphic rules and regulations” in wow, found in dalaran, and this is inside:

Rule# 1: Do not turn a creature of lesser intelligence into a creature of higher intelligence - Cerebral brain function rarely translates in a polymorph… But sometimes it does. Voracious creatures such as serpents and wolves need not have their predatory instincts honed with a human mind. We feel obligated to quote Small Claims Disaster Case 12651-B, Labeled, “Bartholomew: The Bear who Bears Arms.”

And the more amusing one rule 3 in that same book which mentions a “blue checkered box” which is the basic model loaded in game when you morph into a unknown model entry. (Do you want to canonize that?)

Alongside many other things mentioned in other books troought wow history. The book is the one that replaced the “schools of magic: transmutation” instead.

So take your pick, roll, or go with the flow.