Lighthammer Expedition

Greetings Forum Lurkers. It’s yo boi Lorrace the Good Lord.

I feel compelled to announce and inform you that I’ve been cooking up a new story for quite some time now, as well as building the proper place for it to go down IC, and since I got some good feedback I decided to set it in motion.

The story is pretty much thought through to an acceptable degree, though the building isn’t quite finished yet, there’s some amount of furnishing and detailing to be done still, but it is in my mind already RPable.

The story will revolve around an expedition, set out to find a long lost fort, which goes by the name “Fort Lighthammer”, hence the name of the expedition, and later RP in the fort itself. The expedition will naturally succeed in finding it, and that is as much information as I am willing to give out concerning the specifics of the story, as knowing too much on the player’s side might cause the RP to sucketh greatly.

What I can let you in on though is that the genres of RP will be Research/Investigation RP, Travel/Expedition RP, Siege RP, Fort Defense RP, Monster/Villain Hunt RP, Community RP and a few other genres.

The RP will at first be limited to Alliance players, but we will be accepting all sorts of freaks later on, as long as they’re not 11000yo demi-gods or something. Do keep in mind that I reserve the right to choose who I deem is WORTHY to join the expedition. The first batch of players will go through an “unofficial” IC recruitment while those that will join later on will have to go through it OOC.

All those who might be interested in participating are encouraged to give me a nudge or join the discord channel:, though it will never be too late to join in anyhow, thanks for reading and I hope I’ll see you on the Expedition!Fort Lighthammer

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I didn’t even read the thread, just saw this and laughed my ass off. But have fun with Light RP, not my touch but I know a lot of people are about it

It’s not Light RP.

It’s for Lorrace to watch HappyTown jacking off.

So famous.

looks cool