Looking for builders, dm, all the good stuff.

So im basically looking for a team for a project, quite a large and ambitious one. If you are interested or at least wanna know more about it, you can hit me up on discord at Theargentino#6104.

Wouldn’t mind answering question here either, but eh, I guess discord would be more confortable.

lol what is it

Its basically an AU Azeroth with a sandbox setting, to basically give a brief explanation.

And the AU part is?

thrall seduces deathwing and has a child of dragons

Quite a bit of stuff. I mean I have a doc with 33 pages of stuff from subtle changes to more easily to be spotted ones. It’d be easier over discord going through the doc together.

Ok so make it. Retard

If I was actually good at it, I’d do it myself with by all means. But no, I suck at building.

Also go fuck yourself.

The saddest part of that, is that Im 100% sure somebody would have legit done that in RPH