Looking for RPH things to do

I’m here to seek help, fellow lurkers. I wanna roleplay!

I’ll be up for city rp and be a shop keeper, a guard, or anything in between, I just wanna be entertained. All I’m looking for is to have somewhat regular rp interactions (possibly at a decent time for an European) and not be treated like garbage to fulfill somebody’s powerfantasy.
I have a few specific characters to play and we can find a way to DM one another to discuss what may fit best in your guild or phase.

I can even be a internal designer/builder for your phase if you need it, I’m just trying to get back into RPH after a 2 years hiatus.

Do you have anything for me?

Building examples below:

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I just want freakin War Phases. It’s World of Warcraft, not World of Peacecracft or Socialcraft. My god I’m a hairs breath away from thinking the only solve to this unending continuation of boring Social Phases is lots and lots of weed.

Erp beach craft

Can’t wait for when we update to Shadowlands. It’ll be nice having new content and seeing new and interesting phases pop up.

Those builds look nice. Check out Surwich sometime. It has semi regular RP with quality over quantity. Current timeline + lore accurate.

Easiest way to get more info is to join our Discord.

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I will! Thank you for your time. Gonna be there as see what you got.

Reading your desired roles and RP enviroments, I think you and I would have gotten along very well =P (That is if I was still active).

Nice work on those interiors :+1:


You know flag spamming is not a smart way to get attention lmao

You can always set up a shop in Stormwind in my phase if u want. It’s 254782 if u wanna check it out. It’s being hosted quite often I’d say.