LUA and File I/O error

So here’s the deal - returning player, new PC. I download the .rar file, extract it in C: as per the instructions and I open the RPH launcher. First thing that pops to my screen as I do is the first picture of the link; this LUA error. I can’t close it, nor log in; all I can do is close the client.

After closing it and reopening the client, sometimes I get the LUA error again, sometimes I don’t - but this time I am able to close it. Either way, when I log into my account and try to log one of my characters I get the error of the second picture and my game just closes. Please help.

PS: Sorry for the double screen screenshots but I was too lazy to switch screens for every picture.

I’m having a similar issue as well. I can launch custom patch launcher and log in, however when I get to the realm select screen and selecting the server I’m met with a frozen screen for a few seconds and then I get this error or just the FILE I/O one. Files in (C:) as well.


No solution for me yet either.

Same situation as OP. I downloaded the thing to waste some time the good old fashioned way, got into the client and let it download overnight. Nothing downloaded, nor does it start to.

The only error code I get is:

ERROR #3564365472 (0000000000) File I/O error.

Guess it’s back to Skyrim for me. I’m going to assume that this has something to do with the Shadowlands release, and that it won’t be fixed very soon, but ya’ll are not alone. I’ve never had a problem with the whole C: drive thing, but being on C: or my other drive makes no difference as far as the error goes.

Best bet is to join the discord and @ Both Dread & Goudy. Check the info tabs/technical in the RPH Discord.

If this is stopping new players from joining then its gonna hold back RPH.

I already tried. Still am in the discord, @'d Goudy three times, he just ignores me.


Same. I reinstalled and keep getting a CAS error. I’ve tried DM’ing dr3 on Discord because I can’t talk in the server despite having done the bot thing and I get blanked, can’t even log in now after a fresh install.

I’ve tried several alternatives to this issue, there’s nothing much we can literally do. I honestly believe its got to do with Blizzards end.

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