More .ph commands and phase rank controls

A list of phase commands and phase rank controls I would like to see added as well as their description.

Phase Commands:

.ph mute <name>:
Simply a command to silence a player from using /say or /yell within your phase.

Phase Rank Controls:

The ability to mute ranks from using /say, /yell, etc, the only platform they can speak in when this is toggled on for their rank is .ph ann.

Rank specific on-join spell casting.
The ability to assign certain phase ranks on-join spells specific to their rank.

Example of intended use:

Player joins phase, auto-promotes to rank 1, this rank CURRENTLY cannot use commands, spells, fly, etc.

Using these new features, this rank can now be restricted from speaking with the exception of .ph ann and now upon joining will have an invisibility spell and fly spell specific to ONLY their rank, other ranks higher than this will not have invisibility or fly cast on them.

I’m not sure if the mute is possible given that commands have to run through /say or /guild etc, but damn if it wouldn’t be a nice feature to be able to mute.

idk about most of the ones proposed here but .togglephaseann would be based

Kinda bad ideas tbh seems like a lot of extra steps to just using /ignore or kicking them

Think about it like this, you have a phase autorank that disable people from spamming spells or speaking or doing anything until approved, it’d make moderation so much easier being able to have a soft-blacklist without outright banning them.

why not

this just sounds like putting a password on your phase, just put a password on your phase

literally this.

Put a password on your phase. Then make a rank called “Whitelisted”. Only people with that rank can join.

It’s what I do for any of my private-entry guilds.

I don’t really see the point in muting someone in your phase other than to stop the occasional person from saying something stupid or bannable, at which point why don’t you just kick them or ban them? If anything muting them is just going to piss them off and make them spam spells or some other shit to annoy you and make your job harder as a moderator. 

And people already get upset over spell and command blocks as it is. It’s different when a mute is server wide and mods can actually punish people for their actions, but in a phase wide scenario it just doesn’t make much sense when people can just circumvent it by leaving, which most people are inclined to do anyways. It just seems kinda pointless.